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Frank and Gerard are gone

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Frank goes missing.

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"frank!"Yelled his mom. "where are you!" she hollard. Then mikey came and told her he saw a man wearing black had took him. She had cried and picked up mikey who had said the man also took Gerard. She took mikey in the kitchen. Then she called the police and told them how someone took her two sons one was 4 the other was 5. Then she described how they looked and tried not to cry on the phone. So she hugged mikey the whole time. As soon as she got off the phone she burst into tears and squeezed mikey which made him scream. She then appoligized.

Later in maybe an hour the police showed up. So she gave them a picture of the two little boys who dissapeared. Then they left with the picture. For all she new they could be dead. Mikey stared at her in a stupid way and said."don't wowwy they wiww be back." which just made her cry more."mikey I know your young but they might not be coming back home. They cold be dead." she told mikey who had understood every word she said. Then he started to cry louder than her.
Knowing that his new brother and old brother would never come back. Then he ran up the stairs and didn't make it that far before he fell back down the stairs crying because he fell. So he just sat there with his arms crossed.

In just a minuet police came back to the house with frank and Gerard as soon as they were found they cried with tears of joy said the man. As he gave over the bruised boys."what Happend to my babies."their mom said concerned. "I think the man had beatened them all over." said the man."Well I gotta go."he said in a rush."mommy he kep hitting us." frank said while crying."he awso tried to shoot us." said Gerard. Also while crying. She picked the three of her children up with tears of joy."I'm glad I have you three children. Mikey for telling me everything. Gerard for being so smart. Frank for...well I don't really know what is good about you besides your my youngest."said their mom. "mommy"frank yelled.
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