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When frank noticed that he had a dad who divorced his mom a while ago before he was one.

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"I have a dad and you don't hahaha!" Bob laughed knowing frank would cry. "he's all gone." frank tried to explain what happened. Right in the middle of him explaining a man in black bust through the door. and his mom went up to him and started shouting about how he scared her. He just laughed and said."I'm here to see my boy."Frankie new something looked familiar about him.

"Frankie!"said the man."wut?"Frank asked suspiciously."oh my god who gave you all those bruises and cuts my boy?"he asked."A guy weawing bwack took my and my new browther and he huwt us."frank said answering the mans question."oh so you have a new brother?"he asked another question."yeah I have two of em." frank said answering.the man walked up to his mom and asked how he has two brothers. All she said was my best friend donna had died so she gave me her children. All he said was oh. Then he walked back up to frank and said."do you recognize me Frankie."frank said no."I'm your dad!"he told frank."dawd?" asked frank."what?"he asked back."Do you wove mommy and us?"frank asked to finish his question.He stared at frank then gerard then mikey and finally his mom.(who had told him to say yes.)"OF COURE I DO!"he said really loud.

Later he picked up frank and span him in circles making him dizzy. The his dad walked over to mikey and told him one day he'll be a star. All Mikey said was really. He said yeah son. He then took them all to the zoo with his new wife and kid. The wides name was trixie. Their sons name was Michael. Mikey thought he was nice until he got his moms baseball bat and hit him with it. Mikey cried for no more than an hour with pain it turns out they all had gone to the hospital afterword. Mikey had a broken arm. His favorite arm was now destroyed thanks to Michael. When his mom found out he used her bat she started hitting his butt with her hand as hard as she could. The poor boy that hurt mikey cried. Mikey started to laugh at the boy and the boy cried worse.
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