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Frankie, I Love You

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Frank spends the night at Gerard's. Are they becoming closer?

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Thank you guys for the reviews and suggestions! :) I have made my mind up and have a great idea of what'll happen to Nick, using your suggestions ;)

My pants were painfully tight. Every time I tried to move over Gerard pressed his body even closer to mine. I was pressed against the wall now with Gerard twisted and interlocked with me.

"Gerard..." I whispered.

No response. He was dead tired. I sighed, my pants were about to fucking rip. I got a boner from just being with Gerard. God that kid has no idea what he does to me.

I decided to give up and I tried to stop paying attention to the painful throbbing in my pants. I brushed the hair out of Gerard's face. Only to be greeted with his beautiful eyes with long, gorgeous lashes. I smiled, he was so peaceful when he slept, so perfect, so vulnerable. I bit my lip as his face contorted into a look of distress and he muttered my name. Then his face went back to the peaceful, beautiful one I knew.

I wondered what he was dreaming about. He looked scared. I contemplated waking him up but it looked like he was fine. I loved him so much and I didn't want him hurting.

I had dozed off into a light sleep. Having nothing but nightmares. I had woken up when I had a very bad one about Gerard and looked over at the clock. 6:30am.

About twenty minutes later Gerard woke up. He rubbed his eyes and turned over. He sighed.

"Morning Gee." I smiled.

He turned back over. "Oh good morning Frankie." He smiled back. "Have a good sleep?"

"Yeah for about two hours." I rubbed my eyes.

"Aw." Gerard cuddled against me again. "Did you have good dreams?" He looked up at me.

"No actually they were all nightmares." I responded.

"Aw. I'm so sorry about that Frankie. I wish there was something I could do." Gerard then smirked and his hand cupped my balls.

I gasped. "G-Gerard..."

"Mm I'm so sorry you had nightmares." Gerard winked at me and slid his hand down my pants.

"Wh-Why are you doing this?" I asked in between shaky breaths.

"Because." Gerard pulled me on top of him and kissed my lips. "I don't want you having nightmares."

Gerard moved down to my neck, pressing kisses down to my chest and then to my stomach. He stopped right above my belt. He grinned and pushed himself back up my body and quickly kissed my lips before getting off the bed.

I lay on the bed in shock and sexual frustration. "You tease!"

He giggled and pulled down his pants revealing his boxers. "Mhhm." He opened his closet and pulled out... Oh dear God... The leather pants.

He pulled them on and looked back at me, smirking proudly. I got off the bed and walked over to him. I wrapped my arms around him. “You’re perfect.” I smiled at him.

He did the same and rested his head against mine. "I love you Frankie."
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