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The Fan Fiction Factor

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The boys have a discussion about Fan Fiction, and Ray gets jealous. ONESHOT

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Just a little ONESHOT I wrote at 3:30am a few weeks ago! Enjoy!
I don't own the characters, just the story.

Gerard sat on the small couch in the bus, his crimson hair sticking up in every direction possible, checking his email. He growled angrily as he saw that Mikey, again, had sent him a link to another fan fiction. Lately, Mikey had been doing so a lot, and it was honestly pissing Gerard off like no one's business. It was a "Waycest" as the fans called it, and Mikey pointed out how sickened it made him feel. 
Gerard, now reddened like his hair, with frustration, shut his laptop and slowly rose. He made his way to the back area of the bus, where Mikey, Frank, and Ray were all sitting, along with Pedicone and James Dewees. Gerard turned towards his brother. The younger Way was polishing his sparkling silver bass guitar. Mikey met Gerard's gaze with a smile that soon disappeared as he saw Gerard's gaze wasn't actually a gaze at all, but a glare. 
"You need help with your problems." Gerard said to his brother. Mikey gave a confused look, and Gerard shook his head and opened his mouth again. "You need to stop sending me links to that piece of shit fan fiction you obsess over!" he yelled, making his brother's face turn into a look of utter disgust. 
"The only reason I do that is to purposely annoy you, Gee-Gee. It's my job as the younger brother to be annoying as hell!" Mikey grew a smirk across his face, and crossed his arms. "Besides, there's not that much Waycest out there!"
"Yeah," another voice chimed in. "There's too much Frerard." Everyone looked in the left corner, to see none other than Frank, sitting in a chair, wiggling his eyebrows up and down like a creep. Someone threw an empty cup of coffee at him, along with a "Boo" of disapproval. They all laughed, but him. His smile disappeared and he decided to sulk in the corner.
Gerard grew a look of disgust. "Ugh! That freaks me out even more! ... No offense Frank."
"All taken." he grumbled, facing the corner like a kid on time out. Gerard rolled his eyes and put his hand on his hip like a stupid fangirl. Frank couldn't stop himself from bursting into laughter at Gerard's expression. 
"You would SO be the feminine one in the Frerard relationship, Gee." he said with a cheesy little smile as he walked up to Gerard. This caused him to get various slaps on the back of the head, and another unenthusiastic "Boo" coming from Pedicone.
"Well at least you have stories!" a voice boomed from the other side of the room. All eyes were on Ray. "All I see on those websites are 'Gerard, this! Frerard, that! And don't forget: Frikey and Waycest! It sickens me that no fangirl cares enough about me that I don't get stories!" 
They all took a moment to just stare at the man that had previously exploded in jealously. Ray was never one to get jealous, and if he was, it would be over video games.
"What about us?!" Pedicone and James said simultaneously. 
"Eh, you guys aren't originally MCR, thus you aren't that appealing to the fangirls." Gerard stated.
"Bob seems to be a big topic, though." muttered a grungy-looking Mikey. 
"Shut up, you." Gerard snapped at his brother. "I'm still pissed at you." he turned to Ray. "Why do you even want a fan fiction about you, Ray? It's much easier when you don't have screaming girls pull you into their delusional fantasies."
"Well, it's just you guys are always the favorites, and I'm the odd one out. I'm just the guy with the afro who plays guitar. Nothing more, nothing less." he said glumly. They all looked at him, and James dropped his coffee to the ground. Ray was never like this. They all couldn't understand why he wasn't happy with not being a topic of fan fiction.
"Eh, whatever." he shrugged it off.
"Trust me, bro. You're way better off without being a fan fiction topic. Take it from the guy who is in every single fucking My Chem fiction." Gerard said with a smile. He and Ray gave one of those manly handshake/high-five exchanges. 
"Woah, woah, woah." came a voice. "I don't agree with your statement, Mr. Way." 
They all turned to Frank again.
"It's obviously me who's in every fan fiction." he said as he popped the collar on his jacket and wiggled his eyebrows again. He received a group "Boo" and a slap on the back of the head by Pedicone. "That's it, Pedicone! You're going down!" Frank said, laughing, as he lunged for Pedicone.
James ducked, Mikey bent sideways, Gerard swerved, and Ray paid no attention as Frank tackled Pedicone, and found both of them laughing. Ray was still bugged by the whole fan fiction thing.
Gerard found himself, once again, annoyed (now with a headache), and left the room, followed by Mikey, trying at his feeble attempts to apologize about the e-mails to Gerard. Frank, Pedicone, and James were all in some sort of conversation about Frerard stories, which left Ray just sitting there. 
He slowly got up and walked over to his bunk, where he climbed in, and pulled out his laptop.
He typed in the search engine, "Fan Fiction Websites" and found one that seemed to be really popular. He found the My Chemical Romance section, and saw that what they had said was true. All the stories were about Gerard. 
That's when an idea struck Ray Toro.
He clicked the little "Sign Up!" button and started fill out information. He put in his spam e-mail, and a username, "Torobaby4everz". He clicked on the button to generate his stupid account. Ray started to type in a story.
"It was just another crappy day for Ray Toro. Under-appreciated, worn down, and just beat tired. Little did he know that he would soon meet the love of his life..." He giggled slightly at the thought of creating a new world. "Yup," he thought. "I could get used to being a fangirl."
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