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My adorable romance

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Gerard helps his brothers build a little fort for the three of them. SUPER CUTE

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"Hewlp me fwankie I can't fix this by mysewf."Gerard said while running down the stairs tripping and falling down maybe three or four of them. He started to scream at the top of his lungs. Then his mom came over and picked him up."Fwankie and mikey won't Hewlp me make a fowrt."He said while crossing his arms."Okay lets go get them out of the kitchen."She said while setting him down. He started to run and he walked into the kitchen seeing a very chunky Frankie and a super skinny michael on the kitchen floor playing with pots pans and spoons."You guys can you come and Hewlp me."Gerard said while looking at them with puppy eyes making frank jump to his feet and hug Gerard in a squeez."SURE!"The two young men said as they squealed.

Then ran up the stairs just to see a fort already made."Gewawd diwd you make this."Frank asked."Yews yews I diwd."Gerard said with a huge smile on his face. Yeah was the word that shot out of all of their mouths. They ran under it and saw a munch of stuffed animals. Mikey picked up a unicorn one as frank picked up a dinosaur one and Gerard picked up a little bat one. The also was books,chalk and little holdable black boards. There was bubble gum and candy.(Mostly smarties.)frank and mikey looked like they were in heaven under the blankets that were held up by chairs.

The fort lasted three days until mikey went and jumped on it almost breaking his arm."Mikey what has gotten into you."His mom asked as she tried to keep her temper to her self."I thwought I couwld fwy."Mikey said trying not to cry. She told gerard never ever to make a fort again. He just said okay and started skipping down the hall.
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