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Happy birthday gee

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It's Gerards birthday and he's turning 6.

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"Gewarwd me and Mike have a suprize for you."Frank shouted as he hid in the closet dressed up in a suit and mikey was too.

"Okay!"Gerard said as you could hear his feet hit the wooden floor as he ran. He opened the door seeing nothing. Then he walked in the room a bit and Mikey and Frank jumped out yelling."HAWPY BIRFDAY!"Gerard nearly had a heart attack. He fell over and began to cry. Their mom came in and picked up Gerard being sure to cradle him."He liked to be cradled.)

Then Frank began to cry then because he wanted to be cradled too."No Frankie I know what your doing."His mommy told him as he reached out his arm and started yelling the word mummy over and over.

"Fine!"she said tiered and she picked him up and mikey ran over to Gerards bed and started to jump. Then their mom had set both of the boys down and they ran to jump on Gerards bed with mikey. The doorbell had rang and Mrs.Iero went to answer it.

It was a cake delevery guy and he brought Gerards birthday cake. She had set the cake on the table and paid for the cake and thanked the guy then she called for the boys as she got down three bowels and plates she had put the ice-cream in one and the cake on the other.

The three boys came racing down the stairs just to see what it was. She had already put the plates on the table and the kids sat down and began to eat until Frank had an idea. He was going to stick his face in his food and eat it but when he started to Gerard and Mikey coppied him which made him angry.

He had trown the chocolate cake at the wall getting it every where. The cutesy thing though about that was Frankies chocolate beard.

Gerard had got three presents one of them was a batman toy the other two were a kid microphone which was his favorite and a superman costume.

He loved his presents and when bed time came he didn't want to go to bed.
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