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When none of them want to use the toilet.

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"NOOO NOOO NOOOOOOOO I DON'T WANNA!!"Screamed Frankie as he began to cry."Please Frank just go and use a toilet so then you won't have to use dippers anymore like Gerard."Said Linda a.k.a his mom.

"NOOO DOWT MAKE FWANKIE USE THE EVIL PWOTTY MONSWER!!"Mikey screamed from his hiding place which was the hall closet"Mikey are you in here."Linda said getting a steaming little no from him inside.

She opened the closet and pulled mikey out only making him scream at the top of his lungs."NOOOOO MAWK FWANKIE YOU MEANIE!!"He screamed looking her in the eyes. She dropped him by accident and he got up hissed and ran back into the closet.

Gerard was still on the toilet he was peeing. And Frankie walked over and watched him. Frank pulled his pants down along with his dipper and he sat on the toilet. Linda walked over and saw Frank on his trainer potty."Gerard I don't know how you did that but I'm proud of you two."She told them as she turned around and got Mikey and showed him that Gerard and Frank were big boys.

Mikey said he wanted to be a big boy so he rushed over and pushed Frankie off the tiny potty and began to use the bathroom."Okay At least your using the bathroom now."Linda said as she looked at the shocked Frank who was lieing on the bathroom floor.

Okay people who read Gerardwayiscute stories she has umm something wrong with her back so she is in Richmond getting surgery right now. Also please R&R.
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