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The sleepover

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When Gerards best friend Cass comes over what could go wrong.

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Gerard was sitting down at the little picknick table outside of his house with Mikey and Frankie. All three of them were eating P.B.andJ.s. They were all sitting down as calm as can be until Linda had opened the glass door with a little girl hiding behind her."Gerard Cass is here for the sleep over you invited only her and Bob to."His mom told him as the shy little Girl poked her head out of the side of linda's leg."Hi Gewawd I come over as soon as mi mommy take me here."She said in her best guess of words.

Gerard new her from when he was three because she was only one and they lived right around the corner. After Gerard and Mikey were brought to Linda from the nersery people because Donna had a heart attack while holding Mikey and Mikey had lived he was only 1 though. Then Linda decided to have a child and she named him Frankie. Linda was shocked at how Mikey survived from her sisters accident. She new he was alive though through all his screaming.

"Fwankie,Mikey,and bob(who had just got there.)let me introduce you into my fwiend Cass."Gerard said as Cass grabbed him into a big hug.

Night time

"AHHH I DOWT WANT TOOOOOO!!"Frank screamed as usual."Frank go to bed your not allowed to stay up this late."Linda said as she jerked him out of the corner and into his bed."NOOOOOOOOOOO!"He screamed some more as she flipped him over and spanked his butt making him cry."Now stay in bed."Linda told him walking out of the room so he flipped over onto his stomach and fell asleep.

1 hour later

Now Bob and Gerard were the last ones awake. Cass was fast asleep right next to Gerard in his bed. Frank was past out on his stomach right next to bob and Mikey was on the top bunk in Franks room.

10 hours later

Now every one was asleep even Linda she past out right in Gerard bed at the foot of it.
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