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Mikey's birthday

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Happy birthday baby mikes

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It was Mikeys birthday and he told Linda he wanted a party. So Linda got down the phone to call the babysitter. Oh not the killer because she's dead."Hello Chloe,Ummm today is Mikeys birthday. Do you want to come?"Linda said over the phone to Chloe."SURE!"You could hear her say that over the phone."Okay party starts at 12:00p.m. Bye"Linda told her as she said."Bye Mrs.Iero."then there was a dead silence and Linda hung up the phone. She pulled out a list of people she knew who had children around the age of Mikey. Just then Frank ran into the kitchen."Hawwpy bifday."He tried to say without getting frustraited."Hello Mrs.Toye is Emily there?"Linda asked."Yeah hold on I'll put her on the phone. EMILY THE PHONE IS FOR YOU!"Said Sue."Yes?"Said Emily into the phone."Hi Emily do you want to come to Mikeys birthday party?"Linda asked the 5 year old girl."Mom can I gow ovfer to Gewawds house for his bwofers bifday?"Emily asked her mom."Fine I'll take you and your father with me and ask her what time it starts."Sue said to the 5 year old girl."Ummmm wut tom does iwt stawt?"She asked politely."12:00p.m."She told her."Mom awt 12:00p.m.""Okay.""Ummm I'm coming bye.""Bye."She hung up the phone.

2 hr. later

"Okay Mikey so far we have Emily,Alex,Mia,Jasmine,Erin,Alexandria,Chloe,Frankie,Jenny,Romy,Leighton,Rösie,And Christopher."Linda told Mikey."Oh also your Grandma is coming."She also said."YAY!"Mikey,Frank,And Gerard all said as they jumped up and stretched their arms.

At 12:00p.m.

5 of the children arrived and Mikey and Gerards grandmother who had came early. She gave Mikey a card with 10$ and he was so happy to see Money that he took the money and threw the card onto the floor. Emily gave him a little Buisness man costume. Emily is short with silvery blue eyes,Long brown hair,and pale. She Liked Ray a little bit but not fully. Alex gave Mikey a stripped shirt. Alex was only two years old with blond hair,Blue eyes,and sort of a tomboy. She was Frankies best friend but she was a baby and he was a Four year old toddler. Mia gave him a hat that was very tall. He liked it. Mia was 6 she had straight blondy hair,Bluey greeny eyes,She was cute but still pale. Jasmine is 5 she gave him the best nothing ever.she had curly brown hair and brown eyes. She came from Gerards first grade class.

Erin had gave him a batman bobble head. She is four with shoulder leghth brown hair. Hazel eyes she was very skinny plus short. Frank just then walked up to Erin and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. She started to blush then laugh. Alexandria was only four she had given him a picture book with stickers. She was short for her age and has black hair with side bangs and Chocolatey brown eyes. She was kind of Girly but she likes to hang out with the boys more. She was sweet and caring. Frank walked right up to her and plopped a big smooch on her lips and walked away. Alexandria screamed there for she thought he gave her cooties.

Chloe gave him a pile of supplies for drawing. She was his babysitter. She had wavey light brown hair it was put up in a pig tail. She was pale with blue eyes. She was wearing a short short skirt with an black veil brides tee on. Frank walked up to the back of her had he diddnt notice that he kissed her butt and when he went to walk away she picked him up and kissed his forehead then set him down. Frankie had gave Mikey a toy car. Frankie was 4 years old he had blond hair with black highlights he was short. He had a weid mole on his stomach and always wore mini converses. He was Mikeys favorite cousin.

Jenny gave Mikey a pair of monkey pajamas with footies the shape of monkeys. She was three with short curly hair and blue eyes also she was kind of tall with lightup sneakers. She lived next door. Leighton gave Mikey a popsicle magnet to put on his fridge. She was 3 and she was really small with tiny hands and feet. She always stummbles over her small feet. She has brown hair up in pig tails with stair accrossed bangs and scraped up knees. Also she had tiny pink lips and two newly missing front teeth which she pronounced teef. She had big green eyes. And lightup shoes. Rosie gave him a cupcacke with a bite token out of it and Rosie had icing on her lips from it. Rosie was only three so she didn't know better. She had pixie cut black hair with big brown eyes a small mouth short for her age and wears converses all the time. She was wearing a Harry Potter tee shirt with shorts on.

Okay people's this was the first half I'm going to make a part two.
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