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Mikey's birthday part 2

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Jasmine was walking around the birthday party of her friends brother. Jasmine had spotted a clown and she staired a bit puzzled and screamed while pointing. Everyone turned to her to see why she was screaming. And when they saw him they all started to scream."MOMMY!"Jasmine cried as Blanca had soon came."What Jasmine?"She asked."Cwowns scawy!"She screamed at the top of her lungs. Gerard walked up behind her and tapped jasmine on the shoulder and when she turned around...He kissed her on the lips for a good three minuets."Awww Jasmine you didn't tell me you had a boyfriend."Her mom said as she just didn't care.  

"I love you."Jasmine told Gerard as he told her the same thing. And after that they were walking next to each other holding hands.  Frank was wondering around until he saw the clown and his face paused with horror."whoopsies wrong party."He said as Frank watched him leave Mikeys party. Then Frankie Tony was wondering around the party and found the cake he put his hand into it to make sure no one was looking and he at the cake that he put in his hand. Then he took the cake and hidden it beside the house.

Emily was looking for Ray and when she spotted him she just couldn't shutup. Maybe she did like him. Maybe she did. Chloe cam to the rescue though for Ray because she picked up emily and took her away."PUT MEE DOOOOWWWWNNNN!!!"Emily screamed."Fine but no more Ray you understand."Chloe told her."Okay."She said as Chloe put her down and she ran all the way over back to Ray. Poor kid who knew why she liked him maybe she only liked his soft curly hair. Maybe. Maybe.

Okay this was the end of this chapter tell me watcha think and then were good to go.
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