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Mikey's birthday part 3

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Okay this is the final chapter for Mikey and his birthday but I'm still going to make more chapters just not on this accation.

Frank was still wondering around the party until he saw Rosie."Wosie wosie!"Frank squealed with delight as she turned around and noticed him."Fwank!"She said as it suddenly went to slow motion of the two of them running at each otter and giving eachoter a great big hug. Then the slow motion stoped. Frank soon plopped a big kiss on her messy pixie cut hair. She soon stopped and staired at him and he turned around and left.

Then he spotted his dearest friend Romy. She was his favoritest person ever."Womy com heare."He said as she walked up to him."What?"She asked."Tis is far you."He said to her as he plopped his cüte little lips opon her lips and it looked like they were making out."EWWWWW!"Screamed Chloe as Frank turned around and threw up all over her legs. Romy began to laugh.

Mikey was just sitting down at the picknick table coloring a beautiful princess stuck in a tower awaiting Mikey so he could rescue her.

Okay that was Mikeys final birthday chapter so no more request.
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