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Baby love

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"GEWARD WET ME IN!"Screamed Jasmine outside of his room."NO YOU BIWT ME!"Gerard scream back."IM SOWWY!"Sobbed Jasmine outside of the room."Okay."He said ever so calm. He opened the door and Jasmine ran towards him giving him a great big hug. Or so he thought. She ran up to him and bit him in the arm."AHHHHH!YOU BIWT ME AGAIN!"Screamed Gerard."Thats for kiwwing the piwnk crayon."Jasmine said as she folded her arms.

Frankie was sitting outside trying to read the news paper. But he failed so horibly."SHIT!"He screamed."FRANKIE ANTHONY THOMAS IERO JR. WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!"Screamed his mommy."Shit?..."He said again."NOOO STOP SAYING THAT!"She told him once more."NOOOooOo."He said folding his arms.
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