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im okay, trust me - part one

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frank is starting to question his sexuality! is he really gay?

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Who walks among the famous living dead! – I’m okay, trust me – part one
Franks p.o.v.
I don’t wanna stay in this shithole for one minute longer. Voices are piling up in my head and my insides are churning. “oh god!” I whispered loudly to myself. I turned around almost as if it was a reflex, and this morning’s breakfast was splattered all over the poor guy stood in front of me. well now I have got something to feel guilty about. I whipped my hair out of my crimson red face ready to apologise for throwing up on this guy. “ i am s– GERARD!!!” I suddenly I threw myself at him giving him a warm, tight hug, it was almost as if I had no control over my actions, but I didn’t ever want to let him go. He was reluctant at first, then I felt his long thin arms wrap around me to return the hug. I had never felt so safe now that he was holding me tight. Wait…that makes it sound like I’m gay. I can’t be gay. Confused by myself I roughly pulled out of the hug and immediately I felt sick again. I looked deep into Gerard’s gorgeous hazel eyes and I saw nothing but concern and confusion.
“frank whats going on?” he asked in a concerned tone of voice. Oh crap what do I say.
“urm I was just…a bit worried… because you wernt there. In the medical room.” I finally finished and let out a sigh of relief. That has got to be the hardest sentence I have ever had to say in my life.
“so you threw up on me…then hugged me?”
“oh im really sorry about that!” I almost forgot about throwing up. I was just filled with so much relief and happiness to see gerard I didn’t think about that. Wait I threw up on him and I hugged him…
“OH SHIT!” I looked down at my misfits hoodie and sure enough there was my mushy, lumpy, orange sick all up my chest. This would be interesting to explain to the next teacher we see.
“hey frank, would you mind sitting in the medical room with me? I get soooo bored in there by myself and to be honest you’re not in great shape yourself.” He said pointing to the mess all down my front
I blushed the colour of beetroot and agreed to stay with him.
i am soooooooooooo sorry for the shortness of this chapter i have a bit of writers block and i have a lot goin on at the moment. as soon as i feel i can do more i will finish the second part of this chapter and before anyone points it out i know my writing has gone downhill. the worse i feel the worse my writing is. i hope its okayish :/
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