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im okay, trust me - part two

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the second part of im not okay trust me. sorry it took me so long to update but i am getting to the frerard part of things now!!!

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Gerards p.o.v
We walked the short distance from the hallway back to the medical room, me with one arm around frank, supporting his surprisingly light body from collapsing. I practically carried him to a small, blue, plastic chair in the corner, and placed myself on a red one which I moved across the room next to frank. His olive skin had gone a pale shade of green, and his eyelids were threatening to close.
“geee…” frank slurred
“please stay awake. You are my only friend, I don’t want to be alone again.”
“please frank?” I cut him off, genuinely scared of what might happen if I was by myself
“ugh..okay.” I felt a massive grin creep up onto my lips.
Frank slowly turned himself round and sat facing me. although his face was the same colour as shrek he still looked as beautiful as ever to me.
“sooooo what do you wanna talk about?” frank asked, his legs crossed and swaying his body back and forth, Im guessing to keep himself awake.
“ well…” I didn’t think this through. I don’t know what to say I just didn’t want to be without conscious people with me, as if they could protect me, protect me from ...never mind. The point is Frank made me feel safe. I don’t want to ever be without him, I will put him in my pocket and take him home if I have to, frank is quite small anyway. I was hurriedly trying to think of something to talk about, my eyes darting around the room when they caught his puke covered misfits hoodie.
“so you like the misfits?”
Franks eyes lit up.
“OH YEAH!!! I FUCKING LOVE THEM!!!” he did a little bounce in his chair and one of the legs gave way leaving his head to land in my lap. His chocolate brown eyes looked up into my hazel ones, I hadn’t noticed before how warm and comforting they were, I just wanted to stare into them forever.


HAI GUISE!!! sorry again for the shortness even though its the second part of a chapter if you put it all together its still pretty damn short. if you read this story please can you let me know if its okay because no one seems to be reading this and even though i enjoy writing anyway im not sure if i should continue if no one is reading so if you are reading this please can you coment or let me know somehow if you are enjoying it and want me to continue.
MCRmysolider xxx
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