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July 16th

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When her father dies a younge girl begins to write letters to him to help her get over her pain. But when she starts at a new high school everything changes.

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Ok, having two major projects at the same time may not be the best idea I have ever had. But I will, besides when you get your textbook confiscated because you have spent too much time studying for your finals what else do you do?


Dear Dad.

You have been dead for a year today. I turned sixteen today, I can't believe that you died on the day I turned fifteen. Yep that was a great birthday present.

The doctors said that it was a falling rock that killed you. And that it killed you instantly. I don't believe them. I think that part of you was already dead for six months. You were not the kind of person to die so easily. I think part of you died when you got that letter saying your best friend in high school was dead.

You always told me that if your heart says to do something, to do it. You may not get another chance. Dad, did you love Atlanta? I would believe that.

When it came to your feeling you were so shy. You only told me that you love me, and I am your daughter. You told me you loved me the day you got the letter saying that Atlanta was dead. I heard you crying in your bedroom, I came in and asked what was wrong. You merely took me in your arms and held me tight for five minutes, and then you lightly kissed my shoulder length red hair and said "Allie I love you."

That's why the car accident killed you. Part of you was already dead. You really loved Atlanta, it would make sense that both of you were killed in car accidents.

Today was one of the hardest days of my life; it was my first birthday without you. Grandma tried her best to cheer me up, but today was really hard on both of us. She did get me some fake diamonds to put on my ankle brace. But I still ware yours. Grandma still scolds me, she says that it's to big for me and that I will hurt myself. I probably will but it makes me feel closer to you, especially when I run.

Your going to hate me for this, but my present to myself: I dyed my hair bright purple. Grandma says that it's the same color you dyed yours when you were fourteen. She also says that I am so much like you.

Love, Allie


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