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August 1st

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Allie finds out who her mom was. And that bad love luck runs in the family.

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As promised you get to find out who Allie's mom is. This is not a long letter.


Dear Dad

Wow. I guess bad luck in love runs in the family. I can't believe it.

You were married for ten months? Just long enough to have me? She left you just because Atlanta said that she was moving to town. Wow, she must have not trusted you, Atlanta was always just your best friend. I would have loved to meet Atlanta; Grandma said that once you told her that Penny was threatening to leave you Atlanta moved back to New Olympus. Maybe she loved you.

Grandma said Penny was really sweet, and had the same eyes as me (Yea emerald green all the way!). I'm glad you did not stay on the shelf when Penny left you anyways. And I'm glad that she did not want me, I don't think that I could live with someone as untrusting as her.

Aaron dumped me by the way. I was really upset when I came home; tears were running down my face. He dumped me half way threw a movie. I could not stand to be near him when he did so I did not even finish watching the movie. I was home two hours earlier than I had told grandma; I think that's why she told me about Penny.

Well that's all for now, I have to go and get school supplies. School starts in a month.

Love, Allie


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