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September 1st

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Allie starts her first day at new Olympus high school.

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I DO NOT OWN CLASS OF THE TITANS! Hope you enjoy this letter.


Dear Dad,

Allie reporting from her first day at new Olympus high school, I made the field hockey team, on my first day! It's so cool! Everything is going my way today!

I met some of your old friends from high school. Did you know that after your and Atlanta's death they all started to teach here? Jay is the principal, Herry is coaching gym, Odie is teaching math, science and computers, Theresa is teaching social studies and English, and Neil is teaching art. It is so strange; they all say that I have your exact personality. I have been told that all my life, but I believe it when they say it. They were your closest friends.

Their kids go here to. We share the same house that you guys shared while going to school here; I have your old room. Oh ya Dad, I have been cleaning for the past two hours and I am still finding old gym socks. All of us have our parent's old rooms, and we all get the seven thousand free spending limit, courtesy of Theresa. I feel so much closer to you in this room. Actually I am finally wearing my own ankle brace, I had to start it was the only way grandma was going to let me come.

Love Allie

****** *************

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