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September 24th

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Allie finds a new friend, and setles into her skin a bit more at new Olympus high.

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Hehe, only three more letters after this one! Hope you have liked them so far, and enjoy this one! I DO NOT OWN CLASS OF THE TITANS

Dear Dad,

I have a new best friend. His name is Alex, and ironically his mom was Atlanta. We spend most of are time training with Herry. Callie is always criticizing us for that, but she's cool, and Odie's daughter so she is super smart.

Lately Jenica and Tommy have been acting like they know something that we don't; they are Jay and Theresa's kids, respectively. Though Jay, Neil, Theresa, Odie and Herry want to talk to us tomorrow, apparently it is important. Apparently we are all so much like are parents. I think Natalie has the strongest resemblance to her dad though; her and Neil could be twins if he was not her father. Hammy is a lot like Herry to they are both so strong!

Well I have to go, Herry wants me to run a few laps, and Alex is coming to.

Love, Allie.

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