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October 3rd

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Allie and Alex bond over a couple of golden pendents. Theresa acts like a mother to the pair.

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I DO NOT OWN CLASS OF THE TITANS. Only two more letters after this one.
Dear Dad,

You never tell me anything! I am a descendant of Achilles! That's why my heal is so messed up! Jay told us about are ancestors today. I can't believe it.

Oh ya, for your information the gods have moved out of their hideout in the janitors closet. Jay has left it alone though nothing has changed since you graduated; no seriously your old gym socks are in the gym. HOW MANY PAIRS OF GYM SOCKS DID YOU OWN! I FOUND LIKE TEN IN YOUR OLD ROOM AND FIVE IN THE GYM! YOU HAD MORE SOCKS THAN I HAVE SHOES!

It's surreal though, its like I am steeping into your past. Oh and by the way, you saved the world when you were a teenager! Dad, why did you get to have such an exciting teenage hood. I broke down today; I honestly cried buckets when I found your old golden pendant. Alex was upset to, he found Atlanta's. We had a good cry together, but he made me swear not to tell the others.

Theresa caught us crying, she was really kind about it. She actually said that we had the softer version of your and Atlanta's personalities. We have only ever been told that we were the exact doubles of you two personality wise.

If you see Atlanta in the Elysian Fields can you tell her that Alex loves her? I have a Physics paper due, bye!

Love Allie.

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