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July 16th ( a year after the first July 16th)

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Allie faces her third birthday without her dad, but she has her 'family' this year.

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Oh! Second to last letter! I DO NOT OWN CLASS OF THE TITANS!

Dear Dad,

It's my seventeenth birthday. And two years since you died. I think that I am coming to terms with it. Alex and the others have been a great help.

Ok they have been more than a great help. Theresa is like a mother to me, the others are like uncles. Jenica and Callie have been like older sisters, even though Callie is a year younger than me. Natalie has been like a younger sister. Hammy and James have been like older brothers and Alex is like my twin, we can talk about anything. It's like for the first time since you died Dad I have a family, I feel like I am no longer alone.

My birthday presents this year? My adopted family got me a car, she's a little banged up like me but she runs and will last a while. I got my hair color reversed; it's back to its natural red. I felt like it was time, its time to write my own book. I will always miss you, and love you.

*(Pencil is dropped suddenly)

Dad, your never going to guess what just happened. Alex just asked me out! He was so sweet about it, he popped into my (and yours) room and handed me a locket. I opened it and a note he had written fell out, on it he asked me out. I couldn't believe it; it still has not sunk in completely. This is so my favorite birthday, minus the one when you gave me my first pair of track shoes.

Love Allie.

******** ******

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