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June 14th

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The last letter.

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I DO NOT OWN CLASS OF THE TITANS! This is the last letter. Hope you like it.

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Dear Dad

I, I cant believe it. Everything is different now. I can't go back to the old me. And I would never want to.

And the only thing that I would change is that you and Atlanta could be here. I married Alex today. Both of us were so tongue-tied.

It was strange; Uncle Jay was the one to give me away. He walked me down the aisle. Callie was my maid of honor; Hammy was Alex's best man. Auntie Theresa, Jenica, and Natalie were my bridesmaids. I wish you could have seen it was amazing.

Dad I'm finally ok. I found another pair of your gym socks, Uncle Odie gave them to me. He said that in your will you said that he was to give them to me on my wedding day. Did you and the others (1) plan for us (2) to meet each other at the same age that you guys did. Oh, and dad I have never said this before but your gym socks smell bad enough to came alive.

Love Allie.

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1 The Adult titans.
2 The Titans kids.
The last letter, hope you all liked it. Please rate and review. Chow!
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