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Skirmish in the Storm

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After hitting a demon (and busting Herry's truck) the gang is in for a big fight to get Archie back. Meanwhile, Neil and Odie find themselves in a... semi-awkward situation, and Archie gives Atlant...

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Demons Within me

Disclaimer: Does this story appear to fit for a Class of the Titans episode or movie? I think not. I only own what I've created, which is pretty obvious to tell.

Pairings: Same as always

Warnings: Blood, some swearing, fighting, Tulais admiring Atlanta/Atalanta's body (not descriptive)

Authors Note; Yes, I know I haven't updated in a while, but I hit a bit of a block with this story because I didn't know where I was going with it. But now I'm back on track, and I did have an little vacation as well, but I'll be updating again as soon as possible- I'm so sorry guys!

Chapter 11: Skirmish in the Storm


"That- that Thing has ARCHIE! It has ARCHIE!" Atlanta screamed. Jay's head whirled to the side and he too say the brief glimpse of their friend, being held by his tattered hoodie, dangling from the wolf-creatures' mouth like a scrap of meat.

"Go!" Jay cried, opening his door and leaping out into the rain. Atlanta was already out, digging for her mini-wrist-crossbow.

The wolf-goat thing was huge, larger than what Archie had first thought. In truth, his head reached probably Herry's shoulders. The black horns on his head gave him even more height. His ears were pointed, usually standing up with small tuffs of purple fur on the tips. His thick purple coat was thick and slightly shaggy, when it wasn't wet, and just a shade redder than Archie's hair. His tail was large and fluffy, while his claws were long and sharp. His fangs were gleaming white, still sharp as a sword, and his eyes were deep, angry red. Somewhat like Theresa's shirt, but full of hatred. They were outlined with dark black rings of fur. He was struggling to get up, and limping terribly from his run-in with Herry's truck. Some spots of blood were beginning to show up on his fur.

Wait... Chiron had just told them about him! This had to be Tulais- that demon who knew Achilles. But Chiron had told them he wouldn't hurt Archie, and yet it looked like Archie was in bad shape as well. What was going on?

"That's it buddy! First, you kidnap my fried, then, you wrecked my truck! You are in for a world of hurt!" Herry cried, cracking his knuckles.

Jay put his hands out to tell his teammates to not attack.

"Tulais!" he called through the rain, "we know you were good friends with Achilles, but he's dead. What do you want with Archie? Please, if you just set him down and leave we can all forget about this!"

To his surprise, Tulais set Archie down on the ground, but then the demon snarled angrily.

"Dead? Do all of you idiots now lie to me? Achilles was immortal- he will be a god when I complete my mission! So just tell me where I might find him and you can have your brat back."

Had it been any other occasion, Jay might've laughed at Archie being called a brat by someone who had known his ancestor, but this was no laughing matter right now.

"I mean it, Achilles is dead! If you want- we could ask the gods to help us-" He was cut off by the demon.

"I'll have nothing to do with the gods! They are the ones that caused me all this misery! And since you as well cannot tell me of Achilles' whereabouts, I will wait until I find someone who can- starting with this brat!"

Before anyone could react, Tulais roughly grabbed Archie in his jaws again, the others winced at the sound of ripping fabric, and the demon turned and ran with an odd, limpish gallop.

"After him!" Jay commanded, but it was unnecessary for him too- the others were already running.

"Get back here!" he heard Herry call somewhere ahead of him.

There was a streak of light as Atlanta, seeming to come out of nowhere, fired a laser at the demon and nearly hit him. The wolf stopped abruptly to narrowly avoid the hit, but then the red-head kicked him in the side of his head. He stumbled and nearly dropped Archie, but regained his balance and knocked Atlanta aside with a swipe form one of his large paws and bolted once more.

Theresa and Herry were quickly gaining, Odie and Neil hanging back looking for any way to possibly help without getting IN the way. Jay drew his sword and heard the familiar and comforting 'shhhng' as the sword emerged from the handle in all its glory.

Raging mad now, Atlanta leapt to her feet, ignoring her ripped shirt, and took off after the demon using her high speed.

How DARE that demon hurt her friend before she did! ONLY she could pick on Archie, and even give him a bruise in their playful wrestling. This demon had no right whatsoever to try and steal her friend away before she could get an apology out of him.
She sped right past him and glared the demon in the eye in the brief moment they were side-by-side. The she sped ahead and skidded to a stop with her mini-crossbow aimed and ready to fire in the demons face should he try ANYTHING funny.

Tulais skidded to a halt, looking her right in the eye. But then he gasped through his fangs and Archie's limp body. It couldn't be HER... it couldn't. She looked so young, compared to the older, but still beautiful, Atalanta he had fallen in love with years ago.

But now she was so youthful and beautiful... her hair was not long and wavy like it once was, and strangely she did seem slightly shorter than he remembered. But it was her! Slim body, tan skin, long legs, red hair and a fighter second-to-none but him, and of course Achilles. He was almost lost in the memories of admiring her, when he remembered what had happened all because of HER... and the familiar, blinding anger flooded his veins again and he bit deeper into the warm body of the boy with mixed scents who still remained in his jaws. The brat moaned slightly, but was still otherwise unaware of the danger he was in.

"Put. Him. Down." Atalanta hissed.

Never- he wouldn't surrender to her after all the suffering and loneliness she had caused him. No, he would kill her and show the gods what it meant to tangle with Tulais. He dropped the brat on the ground again, hearing a muffled 'oomph' from him as the mortal hit the ground. He prepared to spring forwards and Atalanta began to shake, knowing that he was going to attack her.

"Now you'll pay for what you did to me!" he cried.

Suddenly, someone large barreled straight into his side. The side that had been hit by that monstrous, loud robot-machine. Tulais howled in pain and leapt back, suddenly realizing that he'd been cut off from the only thing that might tell him where Achilles was!

The boy was tall, muscular and rather brute-like. There was a rather displeased look on his face as he cracked his knuckles.

"Let's rock, Fuzzy!" he called as he ran forwards. Tulais was still reeling slightly from the earlier blow this youth had given him, and he wasn't able to dodge as quickly.

"This is what you get for making us run around in this stupid storm!" a female voice cried and he felt a hard blow to his head, right above the eye. The girl had long orange hair and was slim but well-built; carrying what looked like nun-chucks.

Tulais growled loudly and leapt forwards at them, trying to drive them away from the brat with dual scents. But then another brunette, seemingly the leader of the small band, came out of the heavy rain and swung his sword in a high arc. It clashed against his horns and left Tulais feeling lightheaded and tired. But even if it seemed the odds were against him, he'd never surrender. He never had before.


Atlanta, since being saved from a stunning side-tackle by Herry, had dashed to Archie's side and was trying to wake him up. The boy moaned and his grey-blue eyes slowly flickered open. He sat up abruptly, probably remembering being attacked by Tulais, and then grabbed his head with a low moan of pain.

"Are you okay?" Atlanta asked worriedly.

Archie looked up into her face, "'Lan?" he said softly.

She grinned at her nickname, "Yeah, you doofus, now we're all getting soaked in the rain because you had to go get kidnapped by some giant, purple dog." She had meant it in a teasing way but she saw the hurt in his eyes as she said it.

"Oh, come off it, I'm joking. Now, can you get up? Your hoodie's close to toast, as well as your arm," she said softer.

He nodded slowly, "I-I think I can... where are the others?"

Suddenly they heard a loud roar and Herry came sailing through the air to land near them.

"Nice to see you up! Get in the truck and we'll meet you back there!" he called as he struggled out of the mud and dove back into battle.

Archie tried to get up, but it was painfully obvious that he was having a lot of trouble. Atlanta sighed wrapped an arm under his shoulders, careful not to touch his bloody arm as least as possible. She blushed as she found herself thinking about how warm Archie was, though soaked and bloody, compared to the freezing rain around them.

"Uh... th-thanks," he said quietly once he was standing. She let him catch him breath a moment before taking a step forwards, with him still leaning on her, back towards Herry's truck.

He pulled away to try and walk on his own, feeling a little embarrassed that he needed a girl's help to even walk. He tried to take a step, but his legs and feet betrayed him and he fell onto Atlanta again. She grinned slightly as he leaned on her again.

"Can't do this yourself, eh?" she went to pull him arm over her shoulders.

"A-Atlanta... y-your shirt!" Archie looked away from her quickly, with an obvious blush on her face.

Atlanta quickly looked down and realized that when Tulais had ripped her shirt, he had done more damage to it than she had previously thought. Her shirt was basically little shreds of cloth on her shoulders, not really covering anything at all. No one had noticed because they hadn't been able to see her shirt through the rain, except for Archie now that she was practically carrying him. She felt a red-hot blush spread across her cheeks as she looked around for anything to cover up with.

"H-here," Archie stuttered, still looking away. He pulled away form her, managing to just stand, and unzipped his hoodie, pulling it off as he spoke, "I know it's... dirty, but just to, you know, cover up."

At any other point, Atlanta probably would have teased and laughed at his embarrassment, but she was just as embarrassed and eagerly grabbed the hoodie and threw it on, zipping it up and wondering how it could possibly be so warm while it was now so ragged and wet.

Archie shivered in the cold, feeling more awake since waking up, but was still groggy and very, very lightheaded, but sensible enough to feel the pain in his most-likely-dislocated shoulder and in his back. Atlanta pulled his arm over her shoulders once more and helped him start walking back to the truck.


Odie, knowing he wouldn't be much help in a fight against, well, anything LIVING, was trying to hotwire the truck so that at least they'd have a ride home. He was getting Neil to help him, somewhat.

"So... what are you doing again?" Neil asked from the passenger seat.

"I'm...connecting... these wires... so that the batteries can... jumpstart the engine.... and we can have... a relatively dry... ride home," Odie grunted from under the dashboard.

"And what do I do?" Neil commented boredly.

"You're lucky. You just start the engine once I go outside and finish hooking up the rest of the wires. Hopefully, with your talent, the engine should start," Odie replied, slightly annoyed because Neil had been asking that question for the whole time he had been working.

"I swear, Odie, we're getting ripped off in the back seat- look at all this cool stuff these guys get up here! And their seats are comfier too! And there are little buttons to push- how come we never get cool little buttons?- and flashing lights, and there's that screeny-thing that Herry can find everyone on, and look at his steering wheel! It even has finger-grips that look like they'll fit his fingers ONLY! That is so unfair!"

"There! I think that'll do it!" Odie commented proudly. He pulled himself into the driver's seat and stretched out to relieve the kinks in his back from being cramped into the small space for so long.

"Hmm... what does this button do?" Odie cracked an eye open and watched through his green-tinted glasses, horrified, as Neil pressed a button with the word 'AIRBAG' printed neatly across it.

"Neil! Stop!"

Neil pushed the button and he and Odie were shoved against the seats...


"Herry! Give me a lift!" Theresa cried.

Herry boosted her up into the air with a grunt and a heave, and Jay shot past him on the ground.

Tulais, even though he was already badly injured, was putting up quite the fight. Theresa was missing her pant leg below her knee on her right leg, Jay had lost a bit of the side of his shirt, and Herry had some nice, big claw marks across his chest.

Tulais managed to parry Jay's attack, but Theresa hit him square on the muzzle. He howled loudly and pulled away as fast as he could.

His paws once again slipped in the mud and his body shook in an effort to stay upright. Had he been in better condition, he most likely would have been rid of these children by now, but they were... he hated to admit it, but they were too strong at the moment.

"Fine!" he snapped angrily, "you can have the brat! I will find Achilles- and once I do, I'll be back to make sure Atalanta pays for the curse she bestowed upon me!"

He couldn't believe he was fleeing. Never before had he been so ashamed, but he would die here and never find Achilles if he didn't run. Feeling as if he were full of bronze, Tulais turned and sprang away from the fight, cursing and howling the whole way.

Theresa, Jay and Herry all let out a sigh of relief as the demon fled.

"That was fun," Theresa said sarcastically, flipped her long hair over her shoulder. Jay tried to shake some of the rain out of his hair to no avail, but he grinned and gave Theresa a playful punch on the arm. Herry cracked his knuckles and then remembered the whole reason why they had rushed out to fight the demon.

"C'mon, Atlanta must have Archie back at the truck by now; we'll get him to se Chiron from there."

The three turned and ran back to the other four in their group who were still waiting for them.


Heeeey, lookit! An update!

Before I start, yes, Herry's "Let's rock, Fuzzy!" is a play on his line: "Let's rock, Slime-o!" which I think he says once or twice... in episodes I cannot recall for the life of me.

I want to do a big favor for you guys (besides updating again really, really soon) I want to tell you to keep and eye out and try to remember little things happening here and there (I won't name what) but I think you'll know which ones. Because now, the story really starts to kick off and a lot of what happens here will be explained in the sequel.

Yes, you head me correct; there is a SEQUEL for 'Demons Within Me'. I have it basically planned out, and so I'm just trying to fit all the pieces together for you. If you don't understand what's going on, just let me know and I'll help as much as I can. If you want me to do a quick sum-up of stuff to remember, I'll do that- but in later chapters, not now.

Please review- you guys are too kind to me!

Sincerely, the very, very sorry,

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