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The True Prophecy

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Now that everyone's been checked-up by Chiron, it's time for a well-deserved rest. Atlanta thinks of Archie and Tulais hatches a plan. But what's this? It seems there's more to Archie and his futur...

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer: see previous chapters

Warning: My version of a BETTER prophecy not really and Atlanta is the creep this time.

Pairings: Still on-and-off Jay/Theresa/Neil, Archie and Atlanta should get together sometime soon

Chapter 12: The True Prophecy


"Well, though it was a rough fight you had there, you'll all come out fine," Chiron smiled warmly as he finished inspecting the bruise on Odie's nose that he had received form being hit with the airbag. Neil had been lucky and hadn't been hit as hard as Odie had, seeing as the blonde had already been leaning back while Odie had been sitting forwards in this seat. His precious glasses had been shoved into his face so hard he had a bruising cut across the bridge of his nose now. All thanks to Neil.

"Now, you see, that's why I like it better in the back. No nasty little buttons to push and hurt us back there!" Neil exclaimed suddenly. Everyone turned to look at him oddly, but Odie just groaned and gave the taller boy a nasty little glare. His glasses were broken, but Hephaestus was already tinkering with them in his workshop, along with Herry's truck.

Archie smirked from his place on the lengthy chair that Chiron often used as a hospital bed. He was beginning to fall asleep again, thanks to some more medicine form Chiron, his overall fatigue, and the previous aspirins. Curse aspirins. Atlanta, still wearing his hoodie, was sitting beside him.

"Hey, Arch," he heard her whisper quietly.

He cracked open and eye to look at her, "Yeah?"

"You know... that fight we had... before you left..." she trailed off, not wanting to come right out and say it. Knowing Atlanta, she didn't want to be the one apologizing. But in fact, Archie wasn't even upset with her at all anymore.

Archie smiled, "Yeah, what can I do to make it up to you?"

She grinned back at him, "Well I think it'll take a burger and a nice trip out somewhere before I entirely forgive you."

"Don't we still have those tickets to the circus?" he asked, smiling again now that they weren't at each others throats.

"Yeah- we'll have to go in and exchange the coupons for real tickets, but yeah. We've still got them," she answered after a moment's thought.

"I'll take you to the circus then. How does that sound?" he closed his tired eyes and leaned back into the chair.

"It sounds great," Atlanta smiled, giving his shoulder a friendly pat.

"Now," Chiron looked att he group, "I believe it's best if Archie gets back to the dorm right away and gets some sleep. It would be very good for all of you. So no more over-doing yourselves for no reason unless to fight Cronus himself. I want you all curled up on the couch together, or in your own beds, or whatever it is you kids like to do on a rainy day. As long as you're resting up."

"Yes sir," they all replied in a jumble of voices.

Archie, though he was once again falling asleep on his feet, was able to be pulled up (courtesy of Herry) and managed to make it back to the truck in one piece.


Chiron looked up as Hera entered the room.

"So, Chiron, it is true that Tulais has found Archie?" she asked, somewhat hesitantly.

The centaur nodded gravely, "Yes. That demon had found the children, but I do not think he recognizes the significance of them, especially Archie, quite yet. Maybe it will be that he never knows and they will stay as enemies- the prophecy might not come to pass!"

"Part of it already has," Hera said slowly.

"...And many years later,
Offspring of seven heroes well known,
Must fight together
For the heir to the throne."

Chiron shuddered as he heard her whisper the part of the prophecy that they had allowed the children to know.

"But what about the entire prophecy, Hera? You know you cannot stop what has been predicted-"

"Enough, Chiron. No mortal, 'Demonspawn', or 'Godslayer', and no matter how blessed he may be, no mortal can destroy the gods. We are INmortal. We do not die, but they do. Nothing can end OUR reign upon OUR earth!" Hera hissed through clenched teeth.

"So, please, just tell me the prophecy once again and I will keep and eye out for you. I understand the cost to us if Archie is allowed to live past defeating Cronus," Chiron said solemnly.

"Very well," Hera nodded slowly. She cleared her throat and spoke in a monotone voice,

"The son of Thetis,
The sea-fairing nymph,
And of Peleus,
The love struck young twit,

Will join with Tulais,
Son of the violet hair,
And rally and army of heroes,
To fight the almighty, they dare.

To revolt the gods,
Those on a higher stage,
Much Time will be needed,
To re-begin the First Age.

Each god must fall,
Those kind, cruel and fair,
By the allies hard bronze,
Now called 'Demonspawn' and 'Godslayer'.

Immortal blood burning,
Returned to the source,
Restoring what was,
To bring another Lord forth.

The joined pair,
Shall thwart even Time,
And fight the Heavens, they must,
For Earth to survive.

Then the true King shall come,
Once the Immortals are gone,
With his bright, tranquil Queen,
To thank their chosen one.

So many years later,
Offspring of seven heroes well known,
Must fight together,
For the heir to the throne."

Chiron nodded slowly as he heard the frightening message that the Oracle had predicted so long ago.

"Obviously Zeus is the 'heir to the throne', but with him being 'powerless' and all, I must fill in for him. Meaning the heroes must fight against Cronus for us, and then we must be rid of Archie as soon as Cronus is jailed once more. I would rather have him killed earlier, but we cannot kill him without breaking the prophecy."

Chiron nodded slowly, "So we are sure Archie is the only descendant of Achilles... and Tulais, left?"

Hera nodded, "He is the only Demonspawn we need worry about."


"Night Jay."

"Night Neil."

"Night Odie."

"Night Herry."

"Night Theresa."

"Night Atlanta," Archie said after the constant chatter of 'goodnight' had finished and everyone except him and Atlanta were in their rooms.

So turned to look at him and smiled, then opened her door. Archie sighed, wondering why she hadn't said 'night' back, but shrugged it off. She was tired, they all were.

He was about to enter his room, when someone nearly tackled him form behind.

"Goodnight Archie!" Atlanta giggled slightly, her arms wrapped around him in a hug-from-behind.

When she pulled away he caught her in a 'playful' hug, and wished her a good sleep.

After the two of them had actually gone to their rooms, for good, Archie flopped down onto his bed. It actually hadn't been any earlier than this morning her had been asleep, and yet, it felt like it had been forever.


Atlanta curled up on her bed, smiling now that she and Archie were on such good speaking terms again. She curled her arms up under her head and breathed deeply. Then her eyes fluttered open, wondering what smelled so... it wasn't unfamiliar or unpleasant, but more like seeing a good friend after a long time. She realized that, in truth, she was still wearing Archie's hoodie. She sighed contently and curled up more. Maybe he wouldn't want it back, since now it was a little torn up. She wouldn't mention it to him, or anyone, that was for sure.

Atlanta took another intake of Archie's scent, giggling when she recognized the slightly musty, stale smell from the library. She'd never tell him that she knew where he hung out when they couldn't find him, hiding away in the back of the library with his hood pulled up and some fascinating novel in front of his face to hide himself from anyone who might recognize him. She never tell him how she tailed him sometimes, wondering what he did in his spare time. She'd sound too much like a creep, or a stalker, if she told anyone that.

But the truth was, she wanted to know a ot more about Archie. She wanted to be a big part of his life because even though they hadn't known each other very long at all, he was a big part of her life. They weren't 'going out' or anything, but Atlanta just loved every minute she could spend with Archie. They shared a lot of the same ideas about different things, like a lot of the same food, loved to run. Archie was the only one, a number of times, who had come with her on little hiking trips over the weekends when they should've been doing their homework. That was another thing they had in common, neither of them could sit still long enough to really do good in school. Atlanta always found herself daydreaming about other things. Like her hikes with Archie in the mountains, missions where she and Archie had fought side-by-side and had been an unstoppable force, times when he'd made her laugh so hard she had been crying, times where he had come to her aid again and again...

Yeesh, she really was a creepy.

"Oh well," she murmured to herself, her eyes fluttering shut as she slowly fell asleep.


Tulais was shaking as he finally managed to find the edge of the woods around this god-forsaken city. He had no idea of what was going on, but this was definitely not the same time he had lived in.

He was sore, bloody and bruised. His pride had been shattered and he had lost his only chance to find Achilles. But what had they all said? Achilles... dead?

Could it be true? Could someone... or one of the gods... have become so enraged with Achilles that they showed his weakness- his heel- to the Trojan Army?

So, if that meant the brat and all those other children had been telling the truth, then how could that boy have the scents of Achilles and himself?

He did look an awful lot like Achilles, but he also greatly reminded Tulais of himself, when he had been human. And that Atalanta... she looked so much like HIS Atalanta, but she wasn't. It was clear now.

Could that mean then... that these were offspring- descendants of the heroes he had known? And that brat, with the two-scents, he must be of Achilles and Tulais' own lineage!

Tulais shook his head, trying to clear his fur of the rain that was making his coat heavier by the second.

He needed answers, soon, to be able to piece together this confusing puzzle he had found himself a part of. Later, once his wounds had healed up, he would find that brat and speak with him. Learn what was going on. Like why Cronus was free, why and how Achilles had died.

Yes, he would learn all these things in due time.

Tulais limped up the mountainside, sighing in relief as he found a cave large enough to fit him.

Yes, he would get answers. But for now, he needed to rest.


Swimming through the water as quickly as she could, the beautiful nymph thought in her head the many places where the gods could be by now.

She had no real idea where they were, or where she was going, but she could sense a large presence of power coming from one city. They HAD to be there.

She had to warn him, save him. If the gods hadn't already killed him, she would make sure they did not. He must be allowed to survive.

She had lost one child because of the gods already, and she was not going to allow them to hurt her bloodline anymore.

Her red hair swept behind her as if she were running as fast as the wind. She drew up her cloak, to conceal herself from the gods once she arrived on land, and touched the pouch she carried around her neck.

It contained some of the ashes from the son she had lost. He was supposed to be a great warrior, to become a great conqueror of many lands. But no, the gods had feared him because of the prophecy that foretold their doom. They had put it in the mind of his best friend to go off to try and find immortality for her son.

Tulais had become a demon, Achilles was dead. She had not spoken to anyone since the death of her son in grief that the gods should be such cowards.

She had not spoken to anyone... except...

She remembered the young boy, drowning. She had given him back his life and led him to the surface. It had been all too easy to see the resemblance of Achilles and Tulais in his young face. And now he was in terrible danger, and she would save him.

Thetis would not fail again!


How's that for a fast update?

Haha, Atlanta's a creep in her own way.

Well, I don't have to tell you guys to remember the prophecy, do I?

And now we know why Tulais went off to find immortality for Achilles, and the 'real' reason why Achilles died.

And here comes Thetis to the rescue!


So will Archie be able to survive? Will he and Atlanta ever get to admit how they actually feel about one another? Will they even REALIZE how they feel about one another?

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