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A Shocking Secret

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While skipping class, Archie decides to learn some things which were probably best left unknown. But nothing could have prepared him for the schocking secret he's about to learn...

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer; see previous chapters. The information given about Nisus is from 'Mythology' by Edith Hamilton, 1940 + 1942, and various internet sources

Warnings: Archie skips class- I DO NOT PRMOTE SKIPPING SCHOOL

Pairings: same as always

Authors Note: My goodness... 90 (probably higher by now) reviews! I've almost hit 100 and this story is just STARTING to kick off.

One thing I noticed people thinking in their reviews, and I'm not trying to CORRECT you, but I just want to point out-

Hera is not evil. All she is doing is trying to survive. Think about it- if you learned this kids, who should have no chance of defeating, let alone killing, you, was supposed to KILL you and your entire FAMILY, how would you react?

And also- all the gods must die because 'all Immortal blood must be returned to it's source in order for the true lord to come forth'.

So really, none of the characters/my characters in this story are evil, they're just doing what's best for them to survive (mostly) and if not... then there is always an ulterior motive.

Glad you all liked my plot twist, and let me tell you, I have PLENTY more to come. Just ask StinkFace how she feels about the little snippet's I've told her, or if you guys want, I could possibly give you a little snippet yourselves?

Depends on how many people ask, and how nicely they ask without begging.

No begging, PLEASE. Begging is not for you awesome people out there who are reviewing this story and helping me sit down again and again to write more. I love seeing your reviews, thoughts and responses to the chapters. I live to satisfy!

(Uh-oh, unlucky number! I need Neil's talent for this one!)

Chapter 13: A Shocking Secret


Slowly, Archie opened his eyes and sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He stretched out with a loud yawn. Had yesterday actually happened? Or had it all been a bad dream?

No, he was still in his white shirt and blue shorts- having forgotten to change out of his regular clothes since he had been so tired after yesterday. He was feeling much, much grander today. Considering just yesterday he had been dragged around by some demon that had apparently known his ancestor and had tried to kill his friends when they tried to rescue him. All in the day of a hero.

Archie looked around dumbly for his hoodie. Then he smiled as he remembered, it had gotten fairly tattered and torn up, but he had given it to Atlanta after her shirt had nearly been torn off. He felt his cheeks heat up as he remembered what she looked like...

{No, Archie! No!} He mentally commanded.

Even though he was feeling much, much better, some dark thoughts were weighing heavily on his mind.

He couldn't get the image of Tulais out of his head- when the demon had been human. How similar he and Tulais looked- even if Archie was a descendant of Achilles... well, he didn't really look the part either. Achilles had red hair, like his mom did. Archie had the purple hair that he had received from his dad- hair about the same color as Tulais'. They had the same nose, Archie, his father, and Tulais. Wait... could they be... related?

Archie shook his head quickly. No! He was not- COULD not- be related to a DEMON!

But other things were bothering him. The fact that Hera had been so frightened by 'The Prophecy' was still nagging at him. If 'Seven Offspring of the heroes were going to save Zeus'- what did she have to fear? Unless there was more...

Archie's eyes widened. Of course! There had to be more! Something that Hera, and the other gods, weren't telling them!

Still, something else was troubling him further. What was it that he was supposed to remember? Archie jumped as someone banged loudly on his door.

"Archie! You up yet? Hurry up or you'll be late for school!" Herry called loudly before thumping down the stairs.

Oh no! It was a school day! Archie jumped up and finally found a black sweatshirt to wear, digging around for his unfinished homework and then racing down the stairs.

He grabbed an apple and ate it in the truck, along with everyone else who had slept in as well and hadn't had time to eat a calm, peaceful breakfast.

Herry parked the truck, making sure to lock it, and then ran for his first class. Everyone else turned and ran as well. Archie got inside, but to his dismay the bell rang- and his class was still on the other side of the school. And in fact, he didn't really even want to go. Knowing that this decision would come back to haunt him, Archie turned and strolled towards the library.

The library had to be his most favorite place in the entire school. Unfortunately, it was also the 'nerdiest' place in the school, aside form the computer room. But Archie had been raised with a love for literature (especially mythology) and, plain and simple, didn't understand the social status all too well since he had never really been raised in it. He loved to lose himself in a wonderfully written tale hidden in ink and paper.

He ducked his head down as he entered, trying to avoid any identification by the librarian or any other student that could be nearby, but this was hard now that he was minus a hoodie and only had the black sweater to wear. He went straight to the 'Classic's section of the library and selected a book off the shelf, 'The Iliad' and then sat down in an old chair that he was sure only he used, way in the back of the library. Despite the lack of love for books at this school, they had quite an impressive library, to Archie at least, he had never seen so many books in one place in his entire life.

Lazily skimming the pages of the now-memorized poem, still feeling butterflies in his stomach every time Achilles was mentioned, thoughts burned through Archie's mind.

Could it be true that he really was the descendant of Tulais- and Achilles? That would explain a lot of things about him, but not all. Like why did he take more after Tulais instead of Achilles if he was a hero like his hero ancestor? Archie felt strangely calm thinking that Tulais could possibly be his own ancestor as well, as if he had almost expected it after 'seeing' Tulais for the first time in that dream he'd had of Tulais' trial. What was it his father had said to him every time he complained about having 'weird' hair?

'My father had purple hair, his father had purple hair, and HIS father had purple hair...'

Suddenly, 'The Iliad' dropped from Archie's shaking hands as he paled considerably. If all of the men on his fathers' side of the family had had purple hair, the cow-lick 'horns' and had been quick to anger... that meant he wasn't just a descendant of Tulais- he was a DIRECT descendant!

Wait, wasn't there some myth about a king with purple hair? One that actually existed, and hadn't been erased form time? Tulais might've easily been related to him- and therefore Archie would too. If Archie could trace that family as far 'down' as he possibly could, then he might be able to find out when Tulais was born, discover if he really was a (direct?) descendant, and then present his evidence to the gods.

Then, if he was a direct descendant of a demon... why had he been drafted to be on the 'Team'? There had to be plenty other heroes, or even other descendants of Achilles around. The world had, what, something like six million people? There HAD to be other descendants of Achilles, so why take someone who was a direct descendant of an... evil demon.

Was Archie evil? He did notice he liked battles and fights a lot more than the others, and he did tend to be a bit more aggressive than they did. So was he a threat to the others? Or maybe the gods brought him because he was a benefit to the group because he was so aggressive? He had noticed that the gods had never really like him, been especially cold (save for Chiron) after his dreams the other day, and no doubt they had known all along that he was a descendant of Tulais. Well, Hera at least had known for sure. But why had she never told him? He wasn't going to attack anyone, nothing like what Tulais had done to him.

He felt the familiar flare of anger in his gut now that he knew that Hera had been keeping secrets from him, from all of them. And then she was also hiding the rest of the prophecy Archie wasn't as sure on that fact as he was on the idea that he too was a demon, but he had a pretty good feeling. Suddenly, it didn't seem like he could trust any of the immortals, they all seemed to turn on you.

Archie leapt to his feet and went back to the mythology section of the library, not caring about being recognized this time. He grabbed numerous books off the shelves and then carried them to a table by a window and began flipping through many of them, looking for one story in particular.

There! He traced his finger over the information given about the king.

Nisus was the King of Megara, and he had a loch of purple hair on his head. If he cut it off, he would lose his throne. When he was under siege, he did not worry, but his daughter, Scylla, (hopefully no relation to the monster they had fought some time ago, Archie shuddered at the thought) fell in love with his enemy and cut the hair form his head while he slept. Nisus died, but was changed into a bird and Scylla killed herself later on.

{Tragic story} Archie thought to himself. He flipped open another book, hoping for a more detailed version of the story.

In fact, he went through all the books but didn't find a single thing about Tulais. Why? Surely there had to be SOMETHING mentioning that Nisus had a missing son, or another relative that might've had a son with purple hair, or anything like that!

Wait... what had Hera said, earlier? Tulais had been erased form the history of mankind! There wouldn't be any recordings of him in these books anyways! He needed to find something though.... Archie was still stiff and sore from yesterday and his head was still a little tender. He didn't feel like talking to any of the gods really, but especially Hera. He knew himself too well to understand that he'd 'fight' Hera to the point where she'd probably kill him, ban him from history, or send him away from new Olympia forever since he was very, very annoyed by the fact that she'd been hiding such important secrets from him.

Chiron's room! Chiron had a record of every beast in history, and he was immortal, so that meant he'd have a record of Tulais! Archie got up and slowly put the books back on the selves as he thought out his plan.

He'd sneak into the gods half of the school, and without being seen, he'd get into the library there and try to find something of any use., If that didn't work, he go talk to Chiron about having another headache, which wasn't entirely false, but he wouldn't take ANY Advil (he greatly discouraged fast-relief medicine now) and after getting the medication, he'd inquire about Tulais and wander over and open the book and look for any information. Chiron wouldn't get upset with him if he were only curious.

Taking a deep breath, Archie left his homework in the library and quickly strode out of the large room and down the halls, headed for the janitors' closet.

He looked around worriedly and, taking the necklace from around his neck, placed the medallion in the strange keyhole, and it fit perfectly. He closed the door behind him and pulled the strong for the light to come on, opening the portal to the gods' realm. He quickly entered and snuck through the large, open areas, making sure no one saw him. He was lucky and all the gods seemed to be busy doing other things, so he made it undetected.

He found many books in the library and decided there was no point in going to Chiron's room. Gathering the books he hoped would be useful in his arms; Archie stood up and headed for the door. He wasn't sure why he was feeling so jumpy all of a sudden, like some unseen enemy was constantly watching him and waiting to pounce down and kill him.

He was just closing the door behind himself when he heard voices, looking around quickly, Archie panicked as he looked for a hiding place. He didn't want to be caught, not without a good excuse! Why hadn't he thought one up beforehand? He ducked behind one of the pillars supporting the second floor/balcony/roof in the large room. Looking around the corner, he saw Hera and Ares talking together on a short walk, both looking very serious.

"You have to stop training him so well. Any better and he actually will stand a chance at defeating some of us!" Hera said sharply.

Ares nodded slowly, "But he is a good student, besides being a Demonspawn. Learns well, acts fast and has a natural talent for battles..."

Demonspawn? That meant they were talking about HIM!

"And that's because he is a Demon! You remember his other name, don't you?" Hera hissed.

Ares paled and nodded, "Yes, mother, I do."

Archie's eyebrows shot up. Ares was referring to Hera as 'mother'? Well, she WAS his mother, but he'd never heard that before. He looked like a scared, little child- mortal child!

"So is that clear, Ares. Archie must not be getting any further training, but we have to keep him occupied. I fear he is already growing suspicious... and no doubt Tulais is putting lies into his head. Mortals will believe anything they hear, and Archie is no exception. That Demonspawn will be better off once he's dead!"

Archie nearly dropped all the books he was carrying right then. He choked on something that had magically gotten stuck in his throat, but was thankful when he made no sound. The gods wanted to KILL him? But without him- the prophecy couldn't be completed!

THAT was why they were putting up with him; Archie realized suddenly, that was the only reason why he was still around. It was all because they just needed him to get rid of Cronus, and then they'd most likely get rid of him.

Was that why he had been brought here in the first place? So they could keep a close watch on him? He clamped a hand over his mouth to keep from gagging. His heart was racing and his blood, in reaction to his fear, was beginning to boil. This was all because of Tulais! Just because his ancestor was a demon, it didn't mean he was as well! Was he going to be doomed to die so soon just because of his ancestor? It wasn't fair! It wasn't FAIR!

He heard Ares and Hera stop talking.

"Someone's here," Ares mumbled.

Archie stopped breathing and straightened against the pillar, not moving a muscle. But he was sure his heart hammering against his chest was giving him away, even a deaf man could've heard it!

"Who's there?" Hera called. He didn't reply. Instead, he shut his eyes tight and waited for them to decide to investigate, find him, and then kill him right there. But the complete opposite happened.

"I guess you're hearing things, Ares. No one would be there anyways and if they had, they would've answered me. Now, get back to whatever it is that I took you away from."

Archie nearly breathed out a sigh of relief as he heard Her and Ares walk away. He waited for a few more minutes, then dashed for the portal and left the school as quickly as he could. He ran all the way back to the dorm, thankful that Athena wasn't there, and raced to his room. His legs were shaking so badly that when he finally stopped, closing his door, they collapsed on him and he tumbled to the ground.

Shaking uncontrollably, Archie pulled himself up enough to get crawl over to his bed, but was unable to pull himself up any further. He pulled the blanket off the bed enough to cover his trembling frame and curled up on the ground.

So that was his future. He was to die after saving the world. What would the gods tell his friends? How would they explain that?

Archie was still quivering even as all normal trains of thought left him, and his eyes finally closed, exhausted form the sudden amount of new information he'd received. Small droplets of salty tears gathered in the corners of his eyes at the pure shock of it all, and he was incapable of absorbing any of it. Archie fought not to cry, he wasn't weak enough to cry, but he accidentally let a few tears escape and his breathing hitched every-so-slightly.

So, curled up on the ground, shaking and sobbing, Archie fell asleep with the books from the library lying around him.


Good lord... can Archie's life get any better? Or is it just going to get worse?

I'm sorry for the late update, but, you know, exams and all (bleh)

And so the tale of Nisus can be defined with him having a golden loch of hair (as I've found in most cases) but in some others, like in my book, he has purple. For this story, it works best if he has purple, for obvious reasons.

And no, his daughter Scylla is NOT the monster, but she actually does 'exist'.

Review and I promise I'll try to update sometime next week for sure!

One question I have, is how you guys like Tulais? I know we haven't seen much of him right now, and that's because I don't want him to become a main character, but he is fairly important all throughout DWM and the sequel.

I know, for one, I try to avoid using 'home-made' characters in my fanfictions, and so I was wondering just how much you guys like Tulais (right now, at least) I'll ask again later when we do get to know Tulais more.

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