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Someone dies

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It was a weird moment for Ray he was still trying to find out what happened to his burrito. It was there a second ago. He put his hand into his fro and pulled out something,it was the burrito."FOUND IT!"He screamed as everyone looked and stopped searching.Then there mom left to go get the mail leaving the kids carelessly home. Then it happened someone busted open the the door."GUESS WHO!"She screamed as they looked and started to scream. It was there old baby sitter the kid killer.

She scooped them up walked outside and put them into a car then locked the door and drove away. Linda came back and started to search for them but couldnt find them so she called the police. They asked her where she was and why she left them home. All she said was"I don't know why usually this doesn't happen and they had two 6 year olds here. The police took notes and left hopefully finding the missing children alive.

Weeks later

It was 2 weeks and still no sign of the boys and Linda was crying and crying. She went and look all over the place for any body's or laughs.

With the kids

"WAAAAAA I WANT MY MOWMYYYYY PWEASE AHHHHH!!"Frank screamed as she kept hitting him she only hit him,only him. He had bruises covering him from head to toe. Gerard laughed every time she hit him and she would walk over to him and burn his skin with a burning cigarrete. He screamed all the time. She would give ray a hair cut every five minuets but his fro would grow back.

Mikey was her favorite he did every thing she told him too. But the worst she had ever done was the fact she molested every single one of the kids. Mikey was crying so loud though that she only touched him once. But the other kids more than once but she made sure to feed them change them and bathe them.

Some point later on the babies thought of a plan to runaway and they tried but she shot Gerard in the arm. Rays fro grew like mad cuz she did that and it grew as big as her and it ate her and burped out a shoe. They ran out side of that maniacs house and ran in the middle of the street. A car was coming and it was the police he picked up the kids put them in the car and drove to Linda's house and he walked inside and Rays fro threw up a body on the floor and went back to itself. She got up and looked around the police man put hand cuffs on her. And left. But before he did he said "Once they tell you what happens call me."Linda nodded her head. She sat down and asked them questions.

They took 1 hr to explain what happens and she told the police. The kids were a mess. Gerard covered in burned cigarettes marks and a wound on his arm where he was shot. Frank covered in bruises were he was hit half to death. Nothing was wrong with Ray or Mikey.

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