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Day off°-°

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It was the children's day off and they had jasmine bob and ray over idk why though because they would all always pick on jasmine. Any way all of them were eating little sandwiches until franks dad came in from no where. He gave Frankie a hug like he hadn't seen him in forever. He went in the kitchen and started to talk to Linda. She would keep yelling no to him but the kids couldn't understand him well cause he was whispering.

"My dawdy is awesome!"Frank yelled and Linda started to laugh and come out the kitchen. She said "Yeah right."he rubbed his head.

10 hrs later

They were all sleeping except one who was never tired especially tonight. He ran in the kitchen got a marker and well, he drew faces on people.

the next morning

"FRAAAANK!""FWANK!""FRANKIE!"shouted everyone in the house considering he used sharpie

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