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Franks on his own

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Frank was left home

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"MOWWWWWWMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY"Little Frank yelled as he crawled accrossed the floor. She was in a rush that she forgot about him. He was lying on his side by the door crying.

"No won Wikes us."He said as he sat up to talk to his imaginary friend Steve. Steve had blond hair and square glasses covering his green eyes he always wore black converses and blue ripped up jeans and a black shirt. Steve was 17 years old and he was Frankie's friend.

"Hi Frank so what are you up to cutie."Steve asked him."Wy mowmy weft me howm!"He shouted as Steve rushed over and petted his head."Oh it's okay little guy stop crying I can take care of you."Steve told as he looked at his chubby face."Reawly?"Frank asked."Sure how hard can it be. So are you hungry?"Steve asked.

They were in the kitchen and Steve got down a bowl and got out cookie crisp. He then put the cereal in the bowl and put in some milk and put a spoon in. He gave it to Frank and saw him enjoy every single bite. He finished minuets later gave the bowl to Steve and gave him a huh and kiss.

Steve and Frankie were now in the bathroom cleaning up Frank. And changing his diper. Steve herd someone fiddle with the door so he picked up Frankie while he was in his diper ran to his room and set him in his crib."Okay Frankie it's naptime cutie."He told him and Frank went right to sleep. Steve disappeared and Franks mom came through the door with Mikey and Gerard.

She ran up the stairs and saw Frankie sleeping. She smiled to see he was okay and clean.
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