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its baby time

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"GEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRAARRRDD!"Yelled a cranky little Mikey for he had just woke up and it was his time to shine it was his friend Jasmine's birthday she was was turning 7 that was really big news."Mikey can you come over here i ned to tawk to ya."Jasmine said kinda giggley."Okay my wove."He said smiling funny."Stop cawling me that."She said all calm.

Hours later the boys went and got Ray and Bob so they could head over to Jasmine's house for the party.She liked Mikey as a friend but Mikey drooled over her. It was almost time for Jasmine's party. She was a little too hyper and kissed Mikey and he smiled a little too freaky. She noticed and looked at Gerard with a disappointed face he was smiling at her. She blushed and yet she was 7 years old he's 8.

It was time for her party and everyone was there Jasmine and her twin brother were sitting on a bench. Mikey walked up to Jasmine and gave her a flower and Jasmine shivered."Mikey I'm cold can you get me a jacket?"She asked noticing he turned and ran all the way to his house which was acrossed the street. On his way back he almost got hit by two cars and he dodged one of them and ducked down and one drove over him.

He gave the jacket to Jasmine and she said."Uh Mikey I'm not cold anymore."He turned bright red. Embarrest cuz it was summer and he had a jacket either cuz she just played him."FUCK!Dude it's summer are you stupid?"Derek(Jasmines twin bro)yelled at him making him cry."She likes Gerard."Derek said with a high pitched girls voice.

Mikey slapped Gerard and walked away. Gerard rubbed his face then walked up to 4 year old Chelsea."Umm Chewsea I wike you."He said smiling as she screamed Osama Frank ran over and covered her. He was 5 so he was getting older to protect people.

Chelsea liked Frank and Frank liked kaylee who liked Mikey who liked Jasmine who liked Gerard who liked Chelsea.
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