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To The End

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finally an update

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Okay so this is all I could come up with while in this shitty state of mind I'm in. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. xo, H

“Gerard! Frank! Breakfast is ready!” Mikey banged on Gerard’s door.
“Gerard.” I said softly and kissed his forehead. “Wake up, sugar. Breakfast is ready.”
Gerard’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled at me. I kissed his lips gently and untangled myself from him. I dressed and helped Gerard get into some clothes.
“I had the most amazing night, Frankie.” Gerard whispered as we walked up the stairs.
I smiled at him. “Me too.”
We said good morning to Gerard’s family and sat down at the table. Donna put huge stacks of pancakes in front of each of us.
“Thank you.” I said as she set a stack down in front of me.
“Anytime, dear.” She replied.
Half way through the meal, Donald dropped his fork. We all looked up at him. His eyes were set on Gerard and I. “So boys...” He cleared his throat. “Have a good night?”
I felt Gerard tense beside me. “Uh..yeah, we went to see that new movie and then uh.. listened to the Misfits until we fell asleep.”
“Were the Misfits moaning?” Donald’s glare was like a stab to the heart.
Gerard sighed. “D-Dad..I-”
“Gerard I told you no son of mine is a faggot.” He clenched his teeth.
“D-Dad it’s who I am..” Tears filled Gerard’s eyes and he put his head down. “I-I’m sorry...”
“Don’t call me Dad, you’re not my son anymore. Get outta here! Now!” Donald slammed his fists down onto the table, causing me to jump.
“Okay okay!” Gerard got up from the table.
“And pack your things! You aren’t welcome here anymore, gay boy!” Donald shot up out of his chair and threw his plate of half eaten pancakes at Gerard. Gerard ran down the stairs to his room and I followed after him.
He was packing a suitcase with his belongings while crying softly. I went into the hamper and took out an old towel. I knelt down beside Gerard and I wiped the left over pancake pieces off of him.
“Gerard I’m so sorry.” I kissed his tearstained cheek.
“I-It’s okay, Frankie...H-He had to find out s-sooner or later..” He looked at me. “B-But where are we going to go?”
“My friend’s parents are on vacation for the month, we could stay there.” I responded.
Gerard wiped his eyes and nodded. He stood up and grabbed his suitcase. I took his free hand in mine and opened his bedroom door. I clutched onto his trembling hand as we made our way up the staircase. Donald already had the door wide open and he was gesturing us out. Gerard hung his head as we approached the door.
“You are a disgrace, Gerard. A complete failure of a son and a human being.” He glared at Gerard, who was close to tears again.
“C’mon Gee.” I brought Gerard’s body close to mine and led him out of the house. The door slammed loud behind us and Gerard broke down sobbing on the driveway.
“Princess..its alright. It’ll be okay. Let’s go, sugar.” I kissed his soft and trembling lips.
He nodded and we started to walk down the sidewalk.


“Thanks so much for letting us stay.” I said.
“No problem.” Ray replied. “You can sleep in my parents’ room, but you guys gotta find somewhere to go before they come back.”
“We will.” I clutched onto Gerard’s hand.
“Okay I’ll leave you two to go unpack.” Ray turned and left.
I led Gerard to Ray’s parents’ room. I opened an empty drawer of the dresser and put Gerard’s and my clothes in it.
“T-Thanks for this.” Gerard’s hoarse and cracking voice broke through the silence.
“No problem, Princess.” I stood up and wrapped my arms around him. My lips found his and crashed against them. Our soft moans and the sound of our lips against each other filled the room. He brought me close to him and moved down to kiss my neck. I put my head back as his lips moved up and down my neck. No matter what happened to us I was sure Gerard and I would stay together. I would stay by him to the end, he was my princess after all.
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