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Theresa is left playing babysitter when the rest of the team is turned into babies, but what will happen if they can't find the cure?

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Ok, before we get this started, I would just like to take a few minutes of your life to say the following.

1. I do not own the air I breath, let alone Class Of The Titans and Lego.
2. This is my first story and I realize this is not going to be the most extraordinary literate genius ever created, I expect it to be a piece of trash you read once you've read everything else!

cricket minions stare blankly
On a remote island, you would expect everything to be peaceful . If you came to this remote island, you would currently find a battle raging between the god of time and his giants, against seven teenagers, who had already subdued all but one giant, and Cronus, the god of time.
"Theresa duck!" a brunette boy with a ripped purple and yellow shirt yelled hoarsely to a girl with red hair flying from behind her. She ducked just as the last giant with two heads (authors note: I said they had subdued all but one giant but does this guy count as two?) swiped at her head with one of its fat, yet strong arms, tripped over her and ended up unconscious.
"Thanks! Where's everyone else?" As Theresa looked about her surroundings, she found only Jay, her and a/the giant (s). At that moment, the giant was still unconscious, with a purple bump forming on his left forehead, but in the distance, you could see the heap of the other giants, all with numerous injuries.
"They're over there," Jay pointed past the giants. "They're trying to corner Cronus into a portal Odie created, don't ask me how." They trudged together through the thick mud that was trying to trip them. Finally, after ten minutes of tripping through the mud, they reached their friends and Cronus. Cronus was laughing as he stepped through his own portal, but not before he saw Jay and Theresa.
"Well you've finally joined us, I was wondering when you would come to help your little friends." Cronus laughed once more, a shiver went down Jays spine as he saw Cronus point his scythe at Theresa, Jay leapt in front of Theresa, just as a shot of red light flew towards her, hitting him instead.
"Jay! Cronus what did you do, and wait, where are our friends?" Theresa could sense something was wrong, why hadn't she noticed before that her friends weren't here?
"Oh they're here all right, they've just been, put in a hiding spot, you have to keep a close eye on babies, like the one you're holding." Cronus walked through his portal and it closed behind him. What did that mean? Theresa thought, as she looked down. Her question was answered when she saw what was on the ground in front of her, instead of the Jay she knew, she saw a baby Jay looking at her with the eyes she knew so well, but right know, they were, smaller.


"This is a disaster! Six out of seven of the teenagers who are to defeat Cronus are babies!" Hera was yelling into the sky, as a shocked Theresa simply sat on Chiron's couch (authors note: I am calling it a couch) looking at her friends through the slightly-transparent playpen. She had found the rest of them in a tree and had then proceeded to call Hermes on Jays PMR. As she watched her friends, she could see that they looked quite like their older selves. Herry only had a brown tuft of hair on the very top of his head, but he was almost twice the size of the others, Archie had very short, purple hair, and he was still very pale, beside him sat Atlanta who had a full head of red hair (which Archie was pulling, much to Atlanta's displeasure) Atlanta was the only one of the babies wearing a shirt, Theresa had picked one out specially for her, Odie looked relatively the same, he was still puffy haired (authors note: I think its an afro, but I like puffy better) and dark-skinned, he was playing with Lego, Jay didn't have any hair and was trying to climb out of the playpen, unsuccessful as he was, he never gave up, and Neil had cute blonde hair and was staring at his reflection, courtesy of one of the shiny toys.
"Theresa? Theresa did you hear me?" Hera was looking sternly at Theresa, when she saw Theresa turn away from her friends, her expression softened.
"Don't worry, I'm sure Chiron, or someone will be able to put them back to their regular state, in the meantime, you can visit them whenever you want. All right?"
"Ok." Theresa walked out of the room sullenly, she was going to visit them when she woke up the next day, she was too tired too watch them now, so she walked herself to the brownstone and glimpsed Herry's precious truck in the driveway.
"I will help you guys, if it's the last thing I do." And with that, Theresa walked into the living room and fell to sleep almost instantly on the couch.

So what did you think? Short, yes I realize, I will try to update soon, if not my crickets can eat my eyes.
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Oh yes, very funny.
I realise this is quite lame, but hey, first story, I will try to do better on the second chapter. Please DO NOT review, I have my reasons
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