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Chapter 2-Dun Dun Dun Dun!!

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What is happening with the babies, could they perhaps, still have their old brain, but a different body??? THE PLOT THICKENS!

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Omg, SEVEN reviews! That is so unexpected! Ok I realise this is a short chapter, but it took me a while to plan out! I would also like to announce that I have formally adopted one of my crickets, Spot to be exact, to be my disclaimer artist. Spot, do your thing.
Spot: My dayview! Ok, crazy_reviewer does not own Class Of The Titans, she would give her beloved cricket, me, to it if she got the chance, she also does not own Playskool.
Great work Spot, go back to the others now!
Spot:Ok joins crickets

As the last light in Heras office went out, Jay opened his eyes, quietly, he crawled towards the sleeping form of Archie.
"Archie wake up." Jay whispered as he shook his purple-haired friend.
"Jay go to sleep, we have been through enough. Just let me sleep." came Archies groan. Atlanta had heard them talking and woke up, stretching, she crawled towards where Jay and Archie were.
"Archie you lazy butt, wake up." Atlanta punched him with her little, yet strong arm.
"Herry, Odie, Neil you three, I know you're awake too, get over here." Atlanta snapped at the other three who were feining sleep.
"Atlanta, if you will not let me sleep, how will I look gorgeous in the morning?" Neil grumbled as Herry gave him a light toss towards the others.
"You guys, this is really bad, you realise that they think we are full blown babies, when actually we are just in baby bodies, and we speak in baby language." Jay said all this reasonably fast, causing the others to double take.
"So, what are we going to do?" Herry being the group proclaimed "dullest" of them all scratched his head like he ussually did, his dumbstruck expression on.
"Well we make a plan, I have an idea to show everyone else that we are still, well, ourselves." Odie looked at the others to see what they thought.
"Well lets here it." Archie snapped.
"Fine, well I say we..." Odie dropped his voice to a whisper, causing everyone to crowd around.
"Simple, yet, genius." Jay nodded at Herry's remark.
"So we all know whats going to happen in the morning?" Jay looked around and saw five heads all nodd.
"Okay, we should all get some sleep, I will watch over everyone." Jay crawled to the front of the group and took his post.
"Just try to get to sleep guys." a chorus of good nights came from everyone as Jay watched them all for the next couple of hours, as he watched them, he felt like a parent watching his kids, was that what he considered himself, kind of a, parent, to the others?
"Well maybe i'm losing it." he quietly whispered to himself. He watched as Herry punched Odie in his sleep, Odie groaned and turned around so that his back was know facing Herry. Neil was in a corner, mumbling to himself, it sounded like he was saying things like "sure you can have my autograph." and "I forgot my mirror officer." Jay held back a laugh. Archie and Atlanta were sleeping next to each other. Atlantas head was against Archies shoulder, and Archiehad his arm around Atlanta protectively. Jay smiled, sure everyone else knew it, that Archie and Atlanta were ment for each other, but the only problem was that Archie was shy and Atlanta was slow, in some aspects. Well, I guess time will tell, Jay thought, and time was something for them that might be running out of, he added to himself.
Ok, as I said, short chapter, but I once again had to get on quickly, third will be better!
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