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Chapter 3-Duh what else would it be called?

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Theresa wakes up to find a...unique...surprise.

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Hi crazy_reviewer here, ok so sorry I could n't update soon, suffered worst writers block in the WORLD!! but I am okay know.
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"Theresa...Theresa...wake up...please." Theresa wearily opened her eyes to see someone standing over her, who was it? She reached her up her hands and rubbed tiredly at her eyes and gave a yawn.
"Theresa? Are you okay? We need you to take the babies today." Heras voice sounded probably as tired as Theresa's sounded.
"Ms.Hera, why are you in my room?" Theresa groggily asked. As she looked around she realised she had fallen asleep on the couch.
"Never mind. Wait, why do you need me to take the babies?" She looked at Hera and saw that Hera looked a wreck, it had only been one night, and Hera looked as if she had gone through a a swamp. Her hair, which was ussually in her signature bun, was falling over her puffy eyes, she also had a mysterious orange stain on her dress.
"Well you see Theresa, early this morning, the babies decided it would be funny to cclimb out of the playpen, so we had to search for them. Now every God and Goddess needs to rest, so can you atch them today?" her eyes were begging Theresa to take the babies, Theresa couldn't say no.
"All right, where are they?" Hera sighed with relief.
"Oh, thank you, thank you so much! We all set them up in Jay's bedroom. We are currently bring ing over their things, like, diapers, extra shirts for Atlanta, toys, mirrors for Neil, baby oil, basically everything you need!" Hera was looking excited at the thought that she could get some rest, Theresa got up from the couch and went to Jay's room to see everyone. But before she left, she remembered one thing.
"Hera, did you say we?" Theresa looked quizically at Hera.
"Why yes, Athena and I have been unlaoding things for them for the last hour." Theresa just stared, and then bolted to Jay's room to see just how much was there.
"Oh my god." Theresa pushed the door open, and saw the mountains of things. The gods had bought a store's worth of things, and right in the center, was an iron cage which had padding on the inside, to keep the babies inside more comfortable. The babies themselves grinned widely at the sight of Theresa.
"It's going to be a long day." Theresa stated to the grinning faces of the babies after she looked at the clock on Jay's bedside table, 5:36, she wondered when the gods had to wake up to find the babies.
There you go, one very...interesting chapter, sorry for the long wait, if anyone wants they can rewrite this story, I give full permision!
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