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Cronus's Flying Circus- Part 2

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With the sudden rrival of Tulais, the bonds and trust throught the team are starting to get teasted as everyone decides who they can trust and who they can't. Archie and Jay's sudden quarral has ev...

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer: see previous chapters

Warnings: Terrible fighting scenes, mild language, and a horrible remake of a wonderful episode, Jay's going a bit crazy...

Pairings: Same as always, guys.

Authors Note: Thanks for the positive feedback for my drawing of Tulais- and make sure to check out Pheonee's version- it's AMAZING. (Go to her page to see it)

Any other fanart I get the link to, I'll put it up in a chapter as I go so that everyone will get a chance to see it ;)

Chapter 17: Cronus's Flying Circus- Part 2


The gang, minus Neil, gathered on the edge of one of the small islands that dotted the goo-filled cavern. They grimaced in disgust as Jay silently led them into the almost-luminescent muck, hearing their captive comrade screaming for help.

"Neil?" Theresa called, a little more worried than she might have usually been.

Jay's eyes flickered in her direction, but he didn't have the heart to direct an angry glare at Theresa, so he settled with stepping in line beside her, bumping his shoulder against hers a little harder than usual to silently say she was going to be his 'partner' for this fight, and NOT Neil's. Odie stayed more by Herry; their brains-and-brawn combo had come in hand more than once in the past. Archie and Atlanta were at each others side, for obvious reasons, and they were the best tag-team force out of the group.

There came a high, metallic screech like sheering steel, making the entire group stop in their tracks and cover their ears in annoyance. Then the huge bird loomed into view, quickly followed by a second. Atlanta gasped at the size, never seeing a flying animal so big, even when she had been out hunting, and just managed to follow Jay's slightly shrieked order as he flung himself out of the way.

"Get down!"

Archie grabbed her hand and helped pull her out of the muck. At the contact she felt a flurry of butterflies in her gut, but then quickly shut the feeling out. There was no time for crushes or relationships like that while fighting Cronus- ESPECIALLY during a mission. She pulled her hand out of his awkwardly and didn't meet his hurt eyes.

"Everyone alright?" Jay called, trying to break the stunned silence. Those were HUGE birds, probably bigger than the giants they were used to fighting. And plus, they were covered in armor, how were they supposed to fight them and come out... with everyone intact?

"Atlanta, Archie- look out!" Herry suddenly cried.

Archie and Atlanta whirled around to see one of the Stymphalian Birds, as they had previously determined were the beasts that had kidnapped Neil, swoop down at them with it's talons outstretched.

Atlanta dove to the side immediately, but as Archie turned to dive he knew it was going to be too late. His heel and fear of anything watery above his ankles was making him too slow to dodge the metal talons. It might've been his own mind yelling at him, but he could swear he heard someone scream his name.

Then suddenly there was a flurry of dark, nearly black, fur and claws and fangs that barreled into the bird. The new beast snarled loudly as it tried to sink it's fangs into the bird's neck, but the metal beast pulled away quickly, frightened by the sudden appearance of the demon.

Archie's eyes widened, in fear, or possibly even awe, at the huge demon standing before him. This was the demon he needed to talk to before he could truly confirm his fears and suspicions. This demon was very easily the reason why Archie was suddenly feeling so suspicious, of the gods, of his friends, and even himself. Tulais could prove he really did have an over-reactive imagination, or change his own life forever.

The huge demon wolf stood in the murky water, snarling viciously at the birds that had retreated momentarily and were circling above the group of seven. Neil's cries still echoed somewhere in the background.

Tulais turned to look at Archie, his crimson, black-rimmed eyes narrowing, "You and I have some unfinished business, Brat."


Jay's dark brown eyes widened in fear. The first time they had fought Tulais, about a day or two ago now, the demon had seemed much smaller thanks to the rain and darkness, and had been badly injured. But now, with his coat fluffy and dry, and his deep wounds apparently healed, this could easily be the last fight of their lives. They had barely managed to escape with Archie before, and this time, if Tulais was really intent on killing Archie, they might not be able to stop him.

Jay had heard Tulais right when the demon had sworn to return for Archie, but he had expected a longer break so that the demon would have been able to get over his wounds, and then that would have given himself some more time to prepare his team for another attack and consult with Hera the best way to stop Tulais.

But even if the situation did look hopeless, Jay was determined NOT to abandon his team and be remembered as a coward. He knew what Tulais was after- Archie, and Archie was also the only one facing Tulais, since everyone else had stepped back in shock and a bit of fear, like him. But Jay, sword held ready, quickly made his way through the viscous liquid and stood in front of Archie.

"He's not going ANYWHERE with you, Tulais. You'll have to get through me first!" he said loudly, commanding and almost challenging the demon to try and attack, like a Leader should.

Tulais lifted his head higher, his pointed ears perking upright as he opened his mouth to reply, but stopped when he saw something Jay didn't. Thanks to the adrenaline and nervousness in his body, Jay jumped in alarm as Archie grabbed his wrist and, a tad rougher than he could have, simply gave Jay a slight push to the side.

"DON'T make decisions for me," Archie hissed under his breath just enough that only Jay could hear. But by the way Tulais's ears were cocked forwards and the demon seemed to be almost... smiling, Jay could tell that he'd heard as well.

"Archie, I know you like being brave and hate accepting help- but Tulais is going to kill you-"

"You're wrong Jay."

That simple statement caught Jay off guard. He hadn't been expecting an 'Oh, yes of course almighty Leader', but not what he'd just heard.

All at once Archie's reply confirmed to Jay that he WAS hiding something. Jay narrowed his eyes to Archie, remembering the exact words they had been told by Chiron that morning that seemed so long ago now, when they had woken up to find that Archie was in the immortal council:

"It is a serous thing if the demon, Tulais, has somehow connected to Archie."

So was Archie in league with this demon? Did he know more than he was letting on? Maybe what Hera had warned Jay about way, way long ago was really happening, and he'd just been too blind to see it:

"He'll be the first to change sides if it looks beneficial to him, Jay. There's one in every bunch. Always be on your guard and NEVER trust his type with your life, or of those you care about..."

Jay bit his lip, resisting the remarkably strong urge to knock Archie to the ground and force the answers out of the boy right then and there. He hated guessing, not being able to confide in his team, watching them like a scientist- studying every little thing they did and determining the reason and motivations behind it. He wanted to just trust his team, but it was so obvious to see the divided loyalties even within the group.

If Archie did turn against them, no doubt Atlanta would go with him. If she left, Theresa would feel pressured as the only girl and feel forced to leave. Neil would go with her, Jay knew, and he'd go to make sure Neil never got his little, clean model hands on Theresa. Herry, out of pure conformity would unwittingly follow the group anywhere, and Odie would go because he would never give up his group of friends that easily. It was like dominos, and could work in any direction.

So instead, Jay did the only thing he could do while keeping his teams support with him. He kept his narrow-eyed glare locked with Archie's eyes, as if trying to pry deeper into the younger teen and read him, and jerked his hand out of Archie's. Archie held Jay's gaze, but Jay could see that, as a Leader, he still had some fraction of control over Archie because the shorter of the two was forced to look away and glanced towards the demon.

Jay felt himself grow angrier as Archie looked towards the demon. Wouldn't he look back to his teammates for support? This only proved further- Archie was working with Tulais and this could all be a big scam to get rid of his team once and for all! His blood was boiling and he couldn't resist himself now. Jay lunged forwards and grabbed Archie's shoulder. He heard a gasp from the group at the going-to-get-ugly standoff.

"Then what are you planning? Are you going to kill us all-" Jay stopped as Archie shoved him back with remarkable force and snarled angrily, eyes almost as aflame as Tulais' when the demon had been furious with them.

"Shut Up! What are you saying? I'm betraying you? Never! Never in a million years, you bastard!" Archie was shaking with rage now; Jay was almost shocked into surrender by the mere display of rage. He'd always known Archie had had a fierce temper, but never really witnessed the full extent till now.

Archie whirled towards Tulais, trying to ignore Jay and the fact that he felt upset and angry enough to kill his Leader at the moment, which if he really were a demon, wouldn't be that much out of character for him.

"You want your answers, right? I'll give them to you-willingly- IF you help defend my friends and get us out of this fight alive."

Jay was, once again, taken aback. Even though he was mad as hell, Archie seemed to be thinking like the leader that was buried deep down inside of him. They needed help t defeat these huge birds, and Tulais was just the powerhouse they needed for that. But then again, how could they dare trust this demon who had been trying to kill them a while ago. Archie had taken care of that by out loud asking the demon to protect the others. But was it all worth risking his own life for that?

"Archie," Jay growled warningly, he didn't like the way Archie was taking the offer. He hadn't liked the way a lot of the conversations involving him and Archie had gone lately.

Archie flashed a warning glare as Tulais tilted his head to the side thoughtfully.

"I help you and your group, then you give me my answers. What's to keep your friends from attacking and driving me off again," the demon said simply. He wouldn't allow himself to be forced away from the answers he needed again, but he liked to always have an extra plan in the slightest chance that he needed it.

Archie looked at his 'friends' (After Jay's sudden outburst of suspicion, he wasn't sure if he could trust ANY of them anymore) and quickly knew that even if they might still mistrust him, they would never let him be taken away by a demon without a proper fight. At other times he would be thankful for this, but right now, he didn't want such good, loyal friends.

"I'll go with you- anywhere you want- willingly. No tracking devices or contacting my friends, just me, alone."

"Archie..." Atlanta trailed off worriedly.

Tulais sneered, sowing his fangs which weren't actually as white as they'd appeared in the storm, and said one word which caused the major rift in the team forever.



"Theresa, on your left!"


"Herry, look up!"

"Jay, behind you!"

"Atlanta- duck!"

"Nice kick!"

"Move it, kid!"

Various warnings, praises and thanks rang out as the group slipped and slid through the much and few little islands of dirt while distracting the birds enough for Odie to get Neil out of the nest of the Stymphalian Birds. They weren't having much luck. As soon as Odie got too close to the nest, the birds would circle round and dive at him, causing the others to make a mad dash towards the youngest teen to save him.

"I want everyone to circle around the nest- confuse them with little attempt to get up into the nest, but make sure Odie gets up there okay!" Jay commanded. Everyone, including Archie and Tulais, obeyed.

While Theresa was skirting the larger island the big, glowing tree with the nest in its branches was growing on, her thoughts drifted to Jay and Archie's unexpected confrontation moments earlier. It had frightened her to see Jay so angry... and to accuse Archie of something so terrible as betraying the team was unimaginable! Archie had always been loyal to the team, they all had. Even when Odie had 'crossed the line' it had all just been an act. But Theresa could tell that Odie's little move had unsettled Jay, making him wary of his own team. It scared her to think that maybe her Leader had a right to not trust them, and if he did, then what made her so sure she could trust her team as well?

"Move!" came the sudden snarl from beside her and she felt a huge weight crashing into her and sending her smaller body hurtling into the water. She came up for a breath of air, every part of her body stinging with the force displayed in the shove and her head still reeling form the fall. Theresa gasped when Tulais's paw slammed the water beside her, his body low over hers as the Stymphalian bird made false attacks at them overhead. She was UNDER the demon.

Jay turned as he heard Theresa scream, and nearly passed out with shock. Tulais was standing over HIS Theresa and nearly pressing her into the water! He was going to kill her! Forgetting about the birds, Jay ran towards Theresa and the horrid, terrible demon that stupid, stupid Archie had TRIED to ask for help from.

"Get away from her!" Jay nearly screamed, almost stabbing his sword into Tulais's side, but managing to stop himself short when the demon slipped to the side, off his wonderful Theresa.

Theresa nearly curled up into Jay's chest and fell asleep in his secure arms as he pulled her up and absorbed her in a fierce hug. She looked over his shoulder through thick black eyelashes to see another bronze bird sailing down at them, about to strike...

For some reason the scream wouldn't rise in her throat, and she could only watch helplessly as it came closer... and closer...

There was a 'fwaap' of metal on metal and Theresa gasped in shock.


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