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Cronus's Flying Circus- Part 3

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After Jay and Archie's little spat, Tulais has now ended up fighting with the seven. While trying to escape, Archie amd Jay end up in a situation where Jay finally admits he was wrong. Archie and A...

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer: see previous chapters

Warnings: Terrible fighting scenes, a boy-to-boy apology, more Jay being hard on himself for not being a 'good' leader, and a ruined kiss scene

Pairings: Same as always- Archie/Atlanta (barely) and a big strain between Jay/Theresa/Neil

Authors Note: Well, here I am. I can't WAIT to keep working on "DWM" and so I'm trying to do my best with it while I'm still on my hype-for-typing it. Thank you s much for the wonderful reviews and ideas, they mean a lot to me!

Chapter 18: Cronus's Flying Circus- Part 3


There was a 'fwaap' of metal on metal and Theresa gasped in shock.

The Stymphalian Bird wheeled around and flew away, having been quite startled by Archie's whip, which hadn't wounded it, but had scared the beast.

Archie was crouched low in the water, still glaring up at the bird with a fierceness that might even make Tulais shudder. He skirted to the side, back to where he had previously been distracting the birds. Theresa's eyes widened considerably as she noticed Archie and Tulais, almost side-by-side now, were moving in nearly identical ways- for what could be said since one had four feet and the other had two.

They had the same low-to-the-ground-side-stepping approach while they were being captious, and the all-out-run-for-it run when they were attacking. Theresa shuddered as she looked from the purple (nearly black in the less-lighted parts of the cavern) coat of Tulais, to Archie's trademark purple hair- it was nearly the same color. She momentarily held Jay tighter as if she was going to fall, and buried her face in his shoulder.

Could Archie somehow be related to Tulais? If so- that might be why he was getting such bad reactions from Jay, from all of them. Jay had always confided in her when he needed support, and she knew Hera had been teaching him a lot about demons and beasts that they might fight. Could Hera be secretly trying to target Archie? No, no, Hera would never do that. She'd talk to the goddess later, and make sure, though. Besides, Archie was a hero- why would the gods bring him to New Olympia if he were a demon?


"Guys! So glad you came- but too late! I broke a nail!" Neil complained as he dashed away from the tree. Odie had FINALLY gotten him down, and so now the group could retreat and find some way to seal up the hole and keep the Stymphalian Birds contained within.

"Everyone- fall back and regroup at the entrance! We'll need to create a cave-in to hold the birds off until we can come up with a better plan to keep them contained!" Jay commanded, staying near Theresa should anything try and hurt her again.

Herry was half-carrying and half-dragging an exhausted Odie and a complaining Neil. Atlanta was running beside Archie for a few lengths, but seeing as he wasn't going to talk to her right now, she dashed ahead, ignoring the emptiness in her gut that was making her feel sick. Archie was running alongside Tulais, Theresa making a side-note on how their run was almost exactly the same. The beasts shrieked overhead, threatening to dive down and attack at any given moment. Archie and Tulais dropped back and fended off the two birds before re-joining the group.

No one made eye contact with Archie- they could all see that Jay had doubts about him, and if they were to try and help Archie, it would look as if they were 'sided' with Archie, and make Jay doubt them as well. The team couldn't afford for this to happen, and besides, Jay would see, sooner or later, Archie was and never would betray them.

They stood under the large opening, Jay ushering Odie, Neil and Theresa to get up the ropes as fast as they could. Unfortunately, Theresa had to half-drag both of the boys out of the hole and collapsed in a dazed heap when they got out. Neil grabbed her before she hit the ground and held her close to himself. Herry and Atlanta made their way up, while Archie, Tulais and Jay waited down below, still keeping the birds at bay.

Jay wasn't telling Archie to leave, because then he'd be stuck down here, alone, with Tulais. But he didn't want to go first since then he'd be vulnerable to the attacks of Archie, if he did turn on them, and Tulais. So he had to make a hard decision.

"Tulais- get to the entrance and hold the Stymphalian Birds off while Archie and I climb up!" he said, swinging his sword in a wide arc at the female of the two who had dared come too close to him.

The demon growled angrily, and Jay swore Tulais was about to attack HIM because Jay was giving him an order, but then Archie stepped between the two, eyeing Tulais sharply and reminding the demon that they still had a deal. Tulais's fur flattened and he turned, looking around, before coiling his haunches and springing up as high as he could into one of the glowing trees and then leaping onto the next branch. He managed to leap forwards again, grabbing hold of the lip of the entrance with his paws, scrambling with his hind paws to get a hold, but after a stressful moment, he pulled his entire body out.

"Alright Archie, it's you and me now," Jay said, still trying to sound like the Leader he felt he wasn't, eyeing Archie coldly.

Archie nodded, still angry at Jay's mistrust in him, but still wanting to prove himself loyal.

The two of them turned and grabbed onto one of the three dangling ropes and began the toilsome, slow, work of pulling their bodies up and out of the cavern. The Stymphalian Birds shrieked and circled around them in the air, Archie pausing every so often to hang onto the rope with one hand and snap his whip at the birds with the other. Jay would always stop and watch carefully when Archie did this, to make sure the other didn't try and 'accidentally' hit him with his whip. A loud snarl came from the mouth of the huge cave and Jay felt one of the birds wheel away from behind him; the tailwind from the large bird nearly sent him on a long free-fall.

Suddenly, the male and slightly larger of the two birds turned and dove straight at Archie. Archie snapped his whip at him, and the bird started as the whip snapped beside it's eye, and turned sharply, but sliced clean through Jay's rope, just below Jay's foot.

Jay screamed as his rope swung and shook, making him lose his footing and he slid so low that his arms were stretched above his head, his face level with the end of the rope, and his feet dangled dangerously over the long, long fall. He heard another screech from the female bird as she swooped in closer to finish him off. As a sick, side thought, Jay wondered if this was what it felt like to be a worm on a hook and feeling the fish close in to grab you...

He heard Archie's whip snap at the bird, unable to get close enough to really deter her. Jay watched though wide eyes as she came closer, and screeched to himself to stay calm. Think of a plan! Get yourself out of this!

He strained the muscles in his arms and lifted himself up further, bringing his feet up. As the avian came close enough to see every detail on her metal-feathered body, he kicked forwards and the heel of his right shoe managed to find its way into her eye. She screamed in pain, but more of shock, and ducked into a downward spiral where she hit the muck below and remained half-buried in ooze, dazed. The male fly down and settled beside her, rubbing his metal-plated head against hers.

Jay's head was spinning with pain, the sudden wave of fatigue, and vertigo. He screamed in pain as his hands were torn up by the bucking rope and his feet throbbed like a huge drum in his mind. Somewhere, over his screaming and the 'whoosh' of the wind in his ears as he spun, he heard the rope snap and felt his stomach lurch as he began to plummet downwards.

Then someone grabbed his wrist, causing his body to snap forwards as he stopped so abruptly, and felt the person skidding down their rope as well. But finally the other managed to get a good hold on the rope and the two came to a stop. Jay was breathing heavily and looked up, feeling ashamed as he saw the ankle brace on the leg that was wrapped tightly around the rope. Archie's blue shorts and hoodie, and then Archie's pain-stricken face, probably from severe case of rope burn and his shoulder might be close to dislocating again thanks to the sudden strain Jay was causing him to put on it. Hesitantly, Jay reached over and grabbed hold of the rope underneath Archie, wrapping his legs around it and pulling out of Archie's grasp.

"Thanks," he mumbled quietly, feeling ashamed that he'd forgotten so quickly all the good things Archie had done for the team. He would've really liked to climb out, but his feet were so sore he was almost sure he must've fractured, or even broken, all the bones in them, his hands were stinging and he was quite positive Archie's hand was worse than his.

"No problem," he heard Archie mutter under his breath, though the bitterness and anger that he still held towards Jay remained in his voice, even after saving Jay's life.

Jay bit his lip, this was as good a time as any to apologize about his earlier accusations, since they were completely false and he had been caught up in his confusions, doubts and worries about Tulais and everything he had been told.

"Archie... I... I'm... I'm sorry," Jay finally said, swallowing the fact that a really great Leader would never make mistakes.

He heard Archie make a sort of 'hm' in slight shock, but didn't reply otherwise.

"Me saying that you were a traitor... was completely wrong. I shouldn't have questioned your loyalties, because you've never given me any reason to doubt you. And so just because Tulais is freaking me out, I shouldn't take it out on you because you're acting, well, different than normal. I mean it, not matter what happens Archie, you've got my trust. I, well, I AM sorry."

At his words, Jay more-or-less expected Archie to relax and say 'Thanks Jay, I understand.' But instead, he felt Archie's grip on the rope tighten and heard the younger near-hyperventilate quietly in the darkness while they waited.

"Th-thanks Jay," Archie finally said. Jay wanted to ask further, but he had just said he trusted Archie, and he wouldn't go back on his word, no matter what.

"Archie? Jay? Are you guys all right down there? We heard the rope snap and everything!" came Atlanta's worried call.

"Yeah, we're okay.... Enough! But, uh, would you guys mind pulling us out? We're a little stuck..." Jay trailed off with a half-forced chuckle.

"Okay!" he heard her call back, and then more quietly since she wasn't talking to them, "Herry, Odie, Neil, can you give me a hand?"

Jay felt his heart quicken, what about Theresa? Was she alright? Why couldn't she help? Was she seriously hurt- or worse?

Getting pulled up seemed to take a hundred years.


"Me saying that you were a traitor... was completely wrong. I shouldn't have questioned your loyalties, because you've never given me any reason to doubt you. And so just because Tulais is freaking me out, I shouldn't take it out on you because you're acting, well, different than normal. I mean it, not matter what happens Archie, you've got my trust. I, well, I AM sorry."

Archie clutched the rope tighter, almost feeling sick thanks to Jay's words. He knew his leader had the right intentions, but how well would they trust him if Archie really was a demon? How well would they trust him if they learned that Tulais was his ancestor? Archie felt his breath quicken at the thought of being driven away from his friends- the newer family he had come to know and love- and losing what little TRUE relationship he had with Atlanta, besides their friendship. He would lose the fight with Cronus, to be replaced y another, more trust-worthy, hero's descendant who didn't have any dark secrets to harbor away from his closest friends.

No, no they'd never find out! Archie closed his eyes tightly, before remembering that Jay was waiting for a reply.

"Thanks, Jay," he chocked out, feeling somewhat better since his leader had forgive him.

{For now} a voice said in the back of his mind. Archie blocked it out and nearly let go of the rope when it started moving, thanks to the others pulling him up, he observed.


"There we go!" Herry grunted as he pushed the last boulder over the entrance to the cave. Those Stymphalian birds wouldn't be escaping anytime soon.

Jay was sitting in the truck, right beside Neil who had politely refused to not let go of Theresa, and who was holding her in his lap. He was worried sick, since hearing she had passed out, but was assured many times by the half-asleep Odie that she'd be fine after some sleep. Atlanta was momentarily standing by Archie, missing the closeness they'd shared earlier at the circus.

"Archie... I know you would never-" she began slowly, hoping to Mount Olympus and back that he wasn't upset with her.

"Just... just let it go, 'Lan. That's taken care of now, it's alright," She felt hot as he placed his not-burned hand on her upper arm for reassurance. She could barely meet Archie's gaze which seemed to be... looking for something? But what? She didn't know what he was looking for in her eyes, or how to give it to him. She felt his hand trail off her arm and fall down limply to his side. It was only then she realized how close they were. Her cheeks felt flushed and she wanted to turn away in embarrassment as she'd done many times before, but this time, she couldn't turn away. She didn't want to. Archie seemed about as equally focused on her, his eyes seemed to be digging deeper and deeper into her, and she didn't want them to leave. Unconsciously she felt herself leaning forwards, feeling him lean in...

The gap between them closing...

"Brat, you made a deal with me. It's now time to honor your end of the bargain," Tulais snapped, standing only a few feet away, apart form the group.

Archie and Atlanta jumped, pulling away from each other before anyone could see them together. Archie nodded slowly towards Tulais, and then looked back to Atlanta.

"Be careful- I don't know how long I'll be gone, but don't worry, I'll live," he smiled, and then wrapped her in a 'friendly' hug. She hugged him back, but they both stopped too early for their own likings so that no one would think that they were 'crushing' on each other. Because they weren't... they were ONLY friends. ONLY friends.

Archie didn't want to meet Jay- or anyone else's eyes, but he forced himself to look them squarely in the eyes, trying to show that he was still their teammate and not going to become an enemy. He nodded to Jay as he met the dark, dark brown eyes.

"I'll be back as soon as I can, please don't break my part of the deal and come after me. I can take acre of myself," he smiled weakly, but Jay caught the hint.

Archie, by going with Tulais, would prove that he was honorable, and would come back still as a hero and prove that he WAS loyal to the end. In a strange way, it was just what the team needed to be completely re-convinced that Archie wasn't a traitor, and yet, Jay couldn't help but feel utterly sick at letting his own companion go off with the demon that might try and kill him.

"Archie..." he began slowly, but then stopped as Archie narrowed his gaze, fierce determination showing in his grey-blue eyes, and suddenly Jay knew Archie was going to be okay.

"Be careful," Jay finally commented.

Archie nodded in response and turned to Tulais, the demon 'grinned' savagely and bent down on his forepaws slightly so that Archie could get onto his back. Archie stopped one last time to look at Atlanta, if he didn't go with Tulais right now and fought alongside his friends and killed the demon, he might be able to get her to understand how he felt about her- and it even seemed like she felt the same way back! But he had to know, and Tulais was the key to finally ending the terrible secrets he felt inside himself. Quickly, Archie grabbed the demons horns and swung himself onto the broad shoulders, still clutching the black horns. He felt Tulais's muscles seize up under the fur and all at once the demon was off- sprinting away!

While they watched Archie leave with Tulais, there were quizzical glances between the entire group as, silently and secretly, they all realized that they weren't just seeing Archie leave with a demon, they were losing the same Archie they had known all along...

Archie didn't look back once, until they were far away from the others. He didn't want to see Atlanta's hurt and confused face.


So now we end the 'Cronus's Flying Circus' segment of this story (and what a doozy it was to write) and get back into the 'DWM' world of no real missions whatsoever XD

So, DANG, Archie and Atlanta almost kissed, but then Tulais ruined the moment. waggles finger accusingly in Tulais's direction and then backs away slowly as Tulais grows at Demenior

Well, now Archie is going to get some answers, as will Tulais. How will their relationship work? Will the others be okay in Archie's absence? How are Hera and the gods going to react when they learn that Archie is with Tulais? Will the others slowly come to realize the truth about Archie?

Review and I'll try to update sooner ;)

Oh, and, p.s., Pheonee- I updated. A picture of Archie and Tulais- or any scene from this story that seems to stand out/would look interesting as a drawing would be nice (thankyou)

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