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Truth and Lies

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Archie finally gets to talk to Tulais- but then is forced to relive a memory he has wnated to forget all his life, while they other learn some rather scary secrets about their whip-weidling friend ...

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer: See previous chapters

Warnings: People reveal their secrets O8

Pairings: Same as always- Jay/Theresa/Neil, Archie/Atlanta (MAIN)

Authors Note: Thanks for the awesome feedback guys! I feel so... so... 'squeeb-lish' when I see someone mention 'Demons...' on their page/fanfiction or see drawings and such. It's cool to know that people really like this story!

And, here's another awesome piece of fan work- done of Tulais, but volleyball4eva/ Kathrinewoot:

Chapter 19: Truth and Lies


Atlanta whirled around to face her tired teammates, "So we're just going to let him go off with that demon?"

Everyone looked down at their feet. They had been quietly wondering the same thing- but Jay had agreed and basically, Jay's word was final.

Shocked, Atlanta tried to meet Jay's eyes but the brunette didn't look at her.

"Come on," he said quietly, "let's go home. We're all tired and Theresa needs a good sleep."

"But what about Archie?" Atlanta cried.

Finally Jay looked up at her, but not completely understanding her reaction. He was too tired to want to fight with anyone else anyways.

"We're going home. Now." He repeated sternly.

Atlanta realized she was beaten but decided to try once more- how could her friends just abandon one of their own to go with a demon?

"So you're going to let us ABANDON our friend and-"

"That's enough Atlanta! Archie made his choice, and if all goes well, he'll be back soon. Now get. In. The. Truck," Jay snapped.

Atlanta fell silent and bowed her head, yelling at herself to stop and fight Jay, or go after Archie on her own, but she was so tired. Numbly, she lifted her feet and wordlessly climbed into the truck beside Odie.

Neil was still holding onto Theresa possessively, enjoying the look of Jay not being able to help 'his' beloved and have to sit and watch Theresa's true love take care of her. Jay was forced to drive her car back to the dorm.


Archie's head was swimming with all the questions he wanted to ask. He was exhausted beyond belief, and giddy at the same time. Tulais ran steady, barreling through the forest at a fast pace, but didn't speak all the while. Archie clung to the black horns for dear life and pressed his knees as hard as he dared into the shaggy fur.

After what seemed like days, Tulais stopped and leaned down again, letting Archie slip off his shoulders and stumble slightly since his legs had fallen asleep. In reaction, he reached out and steadied himself against the demons side.

Tulais snorted and stalked away, lying down on the ground and waiting a moment for Archie to sit down across from him.

"So," the demon rumbled, almost calmly which was an emotion Archie hadn't seen on the demon, "tell me your story. I want to know why you smell of Achilles... and myself."

Archie's eyes widened. That HAD to confirm it- he was the descendant of Tulais! And yet, even the demon didn't know that. Would he be upset if he knew? Would he attack if he got angry? Archie was worried on what he was going to say- feeling like when he had been in the immortal council some days ago- and felt warm fury run through his veins and knew he didn't have to worry, he could take care of himself.

"It's because I am a descendant of Achilles- he died a long, long time ago," Archie explained, almost nervous, but not so much as he thought he would have been.

Tulais's eyes narrowed and he growled in his throat, making Archie flinch, "So you weren't lying to me earlier- and neither was Cronus then."

Archie sat up taller, "Cronus? What did he tell you?"

"Why do you care so much about the Titan?"

"Because my frie- the others who were with me earlier are all descendants of ancient heroes. We were brought together by the gods to defeat Cronus since he's escaped from Tarterus and-"

"So was that why I thought I recognized Odysseus... and... Atalanta?" Tulais said, softly as if he were talking to himself.

'Uh, yeah, that must've been Odie... and Atlanta," Archie replied, surprised that Tulais might know more of their ancestors than once believed.

"So Achilles is truly dead?"

"Yeah, he is."

"Atalanta would be dead too, then."

"I guess so, unless she was immortal."

"How did Achilles die?" Tulais asked. He looked... different now, as if he had just aged a thousand years and was no longer in the prime of his youth. Maybe knowing that what had kept him going for so long, traveling to save Achilles, was untrue now, had finally defeated him.

"He..." Archie was going to say he was shot by Paris in the battle of Troy, which was true, but then he remembered the dreams he had of Tulais and Achilles earlier. Was THAT why he dreamed of Achilles' death?

"He... he was in the battle of Troy- Greece had just opened the gates and were flooding the city with their warriors. Achilles believed he saw you, and... it was Paris. Paris learned from the gods where Achilles' one weakness lay..."

He could swear he heard Tulais almost gasp, but the demon was still watching him without moving one bit.

"And so Paris... Paris shot him twice, in his right heel. Achilles was down- and he should have been dead- but he got back to his feet and tried to still attack Paris. Then Apollo appeared over Paris' head and shot Achilles through the chest with a huge, flaming arrow. He died then," Archie finished.

He was shocked when Tulais started whimpering. The demon was slowly shaking his muzzle from side to side, as if trying to believe that what Archie had said wasn't true. Archie looked down to his feet, almost guiltily, and then nearly jumped when Tulais threw his head back and howled loudly.

The demon's cry finally fell silent and he lowered his head to the ground.

"I assume you know about me well enough, don't you?" he mumbled quietly.

Archie nodded, the gods had told him most of what he wanted to know.

"And so if you are Achilles' descendant, yet still have my scent, that would most likely make you of my kin as well."

Archie nodded again.

"And your companions are of other hero blood, including Atalanta. What is her descendant's name?"


Tulais smiled, "She is almost as beautiful as her ancestor. But you already know that, don't you?"

Archie felt his cheeks flush, "Wh- pardon?"

Tulais chuckled, a deep, throaty sound, "You are quite close to her. I guess it is just my bloodlines curse to love her... and her kin."

"Love? Why do you think I love her? She's just... just my friend," Archie looked down at his well-worn sandals as he finished his sentence, to hide the evident blush on his face from the demon across from him.

Tulais lifted his head and looked directly at Archie, "I saw you two, right before I told you to come with me. Don't feel embarrassed over love."

Archie shifted uncomfortably under his ancestor's glare. Why was Tulais being so perceptive of everything? Wasn't he just some angry, raging demon?

"Anyways," the wolf-goat hybrid continued, "tell me more about yourself. It would be nice to know something of my bloodline."

Archie shrugged, what was there to say?

"I like to run, I'm in high school, and I don't like doing my homework. Umm... I really, really can't stand water-"

"Why?" Tulais cocked his head to the side, had it been a puppy or a kitten doing that action, it could be called cute, but it just looked out of place on the demon.

Archie clenched his fists and managed to get out, "I'd rather not say." He was shaking again- he hadn't thought back to that day when he'd first become deathly afraid of water in a long, long time.

"Why?" Tulais repeated again, "What happened in the water?"


"Oh thank Olympus you're all safe!" Hera exclaimed in relief as the heroes (Theresa had woken up on the way home) filled into her room.

"We heard Tulais had shown up, and we were deeply concerned for you safety," Chiron put in form beside Hera.

They all nodded tiredly. Chiron noticed this and whispered something to Hera; she nodded and clapped her hands, seven chairs appearing behind them for the group to sit on. Except, one was left empty.

"Where's Archie? He's not... dead, is he?" Chiron asked.

"No! He's... he's fine, I hope. He went with Tulais after me made a deal with him," Herry explained.

Atlanta raised an eyebrow. Was it just her- or did it seem like Her and Chiron had just gone considerably pale.

"And you LET him go off with a demon? Tulais will KILL him!" Hera cried, nearly shrieking. Everyone flinched guiltily; they had never seen Hera so angry.

"We... I... -I-'m sorry, Miss Hera. It was my choice to let Archie go with Tulais," Jay explained, standing up.

{Not that he would have listened if I told him not too} he thought to himself.

"Besides, I don't think Tulais will hurt Archie- all he wanted were some answers," Jay finished.

Hera kept her fairly calm composure, but inside she was shaking with fear, with rage, with so many other emotions, she couldn't name them.

"He is a DEMON, Jay. How many times have I told you not to trust a demon?" Hera said sternly, Jay shifted uncomfortably from on foot to the other, upset that he'd let Hera down.

"We don't need to worry," came an unusually strong voice. Everyone looked over and was surprised to see Odie standing up.

"We can trust that Tulais won't hurt Archie, I'm positive."

"Oh? And why's that- because they're both purple?" Neil commented.

Odie shook his head, wiping his glasses on the bottom of his blue shirt, drawing out the silence like a master of tension.

{Is this what he was trying to tell me earlier? What he didn't want to say? What could be so important, or shocking, that it would change my view of Archie so greatly that Odie was afraid to tell me?} Jay watched his younger friend with curious brown-black eyes.

"It's because Archie is a descendant of not just Achilles, but Tulais himself. Isn't he?" Odie asked the gods.

"What?" came the astonished cries form the other six, including Jay. How could Odie say something like that? But to their shock, Theresa stood up beside Odie.

"I agree with Odie- there are too many similarities to ignore," she said defiantly.

Hera nodded solemnly, "And you have both guessed right." There was no point in hiding the truth form the children- maybe it would prove useful if their trust in Archie wasn't as strong when the boy died.

"B-but HOW?" Herry demanded, springing to his feet.

"His father was a direct descendant of Tulais; his mother was a descendant of Achilles. It is as simple as that," Chiron explained in a monotone voice, half the words sounding forced.

Atlanta's eyes widened at the news. Archie- THE Archie she had become such good friends with. The same Archie she had slowly begun to crush on, the same she had eventually begun to love, and the same she had almost kissed before he had left with Tulais, WAS a demon.

No, Archie wasn't a demon. Just because it was in his blood- it didn't mean that was what he was. He was a hero! How many times had he saved her, the gang, or helped to save the world? Every single mission! It just didn't seem right for Archie to be a demon!

"If Archie is with Tulais right now, I fear Tulais will be trying to use his family relation to Archie to try and turn Archie against us. And if blood is indeed thicker than loyalty, then you may have to fight Archie," Hera said, inwardly congratulating herself for being able to keep such a straight face while she wanted to run and scream in terror.

Tulais and Achilles were now joined, and this meant that the gods HAD to destroy them now. Why hadn't she just done away with Tulais all those years ago?

"No!" This time it was he fiery redhead Atlanta who spoke up, the one who was frighteningly close to the Demonspawn, "I know that Archie would NEVER betray us! You might think he's a lousy demon, but he still has hero blood and that's all the counts!" Atlanta spat harshly.

"Atlanta, we know that. Why do you think Archie is here in the first place? A common name for those like him, those with demon blood, is Demonspawn- but have you ever heard any of the gods call him that? We brought him here so that he could show the world and all of the other immortals that... people like him aren't ruthless, bloodthirsty murderers. I'm just merely stating the worst possible outcome," Hera said, a tad too calmly. Atlanta shivered, she felt patronized and secretly wondered if the queen goddess was lying through her teeth, then mentally slapped herself for thinking so badly of the gods.

"Fine then," she finally muttered.

"Return to your dorm and wait for Archie's return, until then, just do as you normally would, please children," Chiron said, quickly ushering them out of the room


Look! Another update!

I foresee about three more chapters (at the most, I believe) until Demons Within Me comes to an end.

Just to let you awesome readers know- the sequel won't be up for a while after 'Demons'. I'm going to take a break and work on a few other ideas I have cooked up, including a Jay-trying-to-be-a-good-leader-while-his-team-falls-apart story, and a roughly 'Phantom of the Opera'-like story. I'll also have more one-shots pop up often, but I hope you like those ones as well.

I'll do my best to update again soon!

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