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moving in

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grannie is moving in and Herry and Archie are helping her when they are attacked by who? Cronos of corse

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It was night. Street lamps lit the street as cars roared down the road. Standing in the shadows of a building stood Cronos. His dark eyes were focused on the apartment on the opposite street. Moving his hand up to his mouth he spoke into a walkie talkie
"Okay" a person shut the curtains on the fourth floor "move in!"

Archie and Herry were carrying boxes up the stairs. In his large muscular arms Herry held four while Archie struggled with one.
"Did your grannie have to move to the top floor? Why couldn't it have been the bottom?"
"Cos Grannie loves her views of the city and you do get a nice one from up there. And besides, now that she's moved closer to the school and has an electric heater, I no longer have to chop fire wood!" the pair reached the top of the stairs and walked down the cream painted corridor "Oh, smell that. Grannie's making a roast!"
"mmmm. She sure can cook, I'll give her that"
Herry knocked his foot against the door "Gran it's us! We have the last of the boxes"
The little old lady opened the door "What took you so long? Your tea is getting cold! Well don't just stand there!"
Herry walked in first "Come on Archie, I'll show you your room. We'll put these in the store room"
"Ah, good" said Archie, very relieved "my back is killing me"

"Where is Herry and Archie?" asked Jay as he walked into the living room of the Dorm. Theresa, Atlanta and Neil were sitting down watching a monster movie and Odie was on the Laptop playing online Zelda.
"Gone to help Grannie move into her new apartment" answered Atlanta, not taking her eyes off the TV screen
"Okay...why did Archie go?"
"We drew straws who was to go with Herry and help. He lost" Theresa turned and smiled at her boyfriend
Odie was sitting at the desk, his eyes glued to the computer screen "Yes! Level 12! Uh Huh! Oh yeah!"
"You get any more excited and you'll wet yourself" said Neil watching him from the reflection in his mirror.
Jay sat down next to Theresa on the lounge Neil actually made a good call. He started watching the movie. Zombies burst through the door of a house and started attacking the people. The gas tap was leaking and there was a spark and the house went up in flames. Some of the zombies were destroyed and others came to finish them off. Almost immediately Theresa's head hurt. She leant forward and with her head in her hands
"Are you okay?" Atlanta paused the movie
"Theresa?" Jay put his hand on her back, trying to comfort her
"...Vision...." She chocked out
Grannie closed the red curtains in her new apartment "We're trying to keep the heat in. don't any of you have a brain? Now tell me, how is my little Herry-pooh?"
Suddenly the window shattered and part of the wall fell away with it. In came two black griffens, twice as big as the white ones who had first picked them up.
"Archie! Get Grannie and run!"
"Herry! Look out!" Archie screamed as one of the griffens advanced on the descendent of Hercules. It charged at his and knocked him into the wall with full force. Archie drew out his whip
"Yah!" he yelled, putting a deep cut in the griifen's leg. The other black half eagle half lion came at him, and threw him next to Herry
"Grannie!" he cried as the griffen advanced on her

Theresa sat up panting, her face was beaded with sweat
"What is it? What did you see?"
"Herry...Archie. They're in trouble, we have to get over there- Now!"

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