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archie and herry are attacked

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"Get away from my Grannie!" Herry yelled as he ran towards the Griffin. He grabbed its tail and started swinging it around, then let go and let the creature sail out the window
Archie was back on his feet. The second griffin reared up on his hind legs and swiped a claw at Archie. He stepped back and threw his whip up at it. It curled around its front leg and he pulled. Nothing happened; instead of cutting the beast as it should. A moment of surprise and horror was all that the beast needed to tug the weapon out of his hands and swipe at him again with the other claw. Archie turned to dodge but its talons caught his back; tearing the shirt and leaving three long deep cuts. Archie cried out in pain and with a kick from the griffin was thrown into the wall, where he fell unconscious and stayed down
"Archie!" Herry picked up one of the boxes he had lugged up the stairway and hurled it at the beast. The blow to the bum took its attention off Achilles descendent and turned towards Herry.
"Don't worry Herry; we've got your back!" Jay and the team came through the door
"What took you so long?" said Herry as Atlanta threw her bolas at the griffin, trying its two front claws together. Jay ran forward and stabbed the beast. It's tail came around and whipped him and he fell back with his sword in hand.
Meanwhile the other griffin had recovered, and flew straight back into the apartment
"Oh bugger" said Jay "Odie! How can we defeat them?!"
"Working on it!" he yelled back
"Now I just finished cleaning up in here and what do you do? You spread brick and dust all over it!" said grannie as she came at the second griffin and started beating it with her walking stick "Back!"
"Graaannie!" Herry just managed to pick her up and move her before plaster and bricks fell from the ceiling
Atlanta aimed a kick to the griffin's back. The creature didn't even flinch, but turned around and leapt at her.
"Archie?" Theresa kneeled next to the titan "Wake up, come on" she took off his jacket and wrapped it around his back "Jay! We have to get him out of here!"
"Odie!" yelled Jay as he charged at the beast again "How do we defeat it?!"
"Fire!" said Odie! "use fire!"
"But it takes the moisture out of your skin!" said Neil as one of the griffins tried to hit him with his tail "Uh huh, can't touch this"
Herry grabbed the griffin from behind again and threw it into the wall. More bricks and plaster fell from the ceiling try to touch my grannie again, and I'll snap ya!
Atlanta looked around the place for! She pulled a lamp from the power socket, using her speed she grabbed the creature's tail and shoved it into the power point then ran to Theresa. With Atlanta's speed, all this happened in the blink of an eye. The creature reared up on its hind legs and let out a bellow of pain, stumbled out of the apartment pushing the other griffin along as it went.
"Is everyone okay?" said Jay
"Just peachy" Archie croaked
"You okay?" Atlanta helped him to his feet
"I'm fine!" said Grannie "but my little Herry's going to have a lot more chores to do in the next week. THAT BOX YOU THROUGH HAD ALL MY GOOD CHINA!"

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