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skating on thin ice part 1

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my version of why archie is afraid of water

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"How did Cronos know where we were?" asked Archie with his back bandaged up and sliding comfortably into a chair back at the Dormitory

"Spies?" suggested Theresa

"Nup" said Odie "I've already figured that one out. We need to change our PMR signals. I'm working on a new model. It should be ready by the morning"

"Okay, in the meantime, I want everyone to get some sleep" Said Jay "It's been a long night. Herry, is Grannie settled in?"

"Yeah, she's sleeping in my room" answered Herry "We've got tea bags right?"

"Yah...we should" said Atlanta sitting next to Archie "I think I sum this up for the rest of us; why?"

"Grannie needs her tea in the morning. Night"

"Night" Theresa said to him as she came into the lounge wearing sky blue pajamas with clouds printed in colours of white and purple "Hey guys, great idea. I've just checked with Hera and we can have tomorrow off if we train for an extra two ours the next day. What do you say we go down to the beach! A market will be on nearby as well as a surfing competition late in the afternoon"

"I'm game" said Jay

Neil was spreading moisturizer over his face "I can work on my tan"

"What tan?" commented Archie "don't kid us. We all know it's a rub on tan"


"You missed a spot" said Atlanta walking up to him

"Where?" Neil pulled out his pocket mirror

"There!" Atlanta clipped him on the chin "oldest trick in the book. So who else is coming? What about you Archie? You up for some water Volley ball?"

"I think I'll pass" Archie felt uneasy

"I'll come" Odie twisted the screwdriver tightening a bolt in a gadget the size of his palm "It'll be nice to get out for a change, into nice open spaces"

Atlanta wasn't giving up on Archie "The salt water will do your back some good" he shook his head determinedly "Well at least come and watch. Built a sandcastle or something"

"I'll think about it" Archie gave in "Night"

"Night" the rest of the titans called

It was late. The violet haired teen tossed and turned in his bed, his legs becoming entangled in the sheets. Sweat ran from his forehead as his bad dream replayed and old unpleasant memory
"Your very first time on the ice" said his mother proudly looking down at her five year old son. She held his hand as they started skating slowly on the frozen pond. There was no one else at the pond that day which was perfect for a first-timer. Nobody would get in his way or make him fall. Soon she was able to let go of his hand and watch her son skate by himself. Several times he fell over, but she thought he was doing remarkably well considering his weak ankle. He had a good balance and although was slightly shaky he was becoming a fast learner. "Well done my boy" she called "well done"

Archie beamed. He felt wonderful. He was gliding like a bird on the frozen water. He stopped and looked at the pattern he had carved in the ice with his skates

"Hey Archie!" called his two year older cousin Damien "come here! I'll race ya' to the other side!"

"Okay!" he skated over quickly and pulled to a sudden stop beside him, earning an impressed look from Damien

"On your maks...get set...GO!"

At once the pair began sprinting. Damien was in the lead and leaning forward. His stride was too large, slipped and fell hard on the ice
'I'm going to win!' thought five year old Archie with glee. He passes his older cousin and skated to the other side without stumbling. He turned around. He had not skated to this side of the pond before. His tracks were the first to be carved in the ice on this side of the pond. Beaming with pride he shouted to mum

"Did you see that? Did you see-"
It all happened in a second. The ice on the other side was not thick, and unstable. The heavy weight above it caused it to give way. Archie fell beneath the ice and into the bone cold murky water


His mother couldn't approach him, for she would crash through the ice as well. All she could do was shout encouragement while she tried to find a way to get him out of there "Hold on my boy! Kick with your legs! Don't give up! Don't give up! Kick! Kick!" desperately she told Damien to stay there and watch him while she went search for someone for help

After ten minutes of treading icy water and still waiting for help to arrive Archie couldn't feel any of his limbs. His lips were blue and his heavy winter clothes made him sink; several times his head went under the water. Archie was finding it more and more difficult to stay afloat. He was heavy, and tired...oh so tired...without thinking, his head slipped under the water one last time, and his vision became a hazy world of black. The last sound that echoed through his head was 'Don't give up'...


Sixteen year old Archie sat up in bed gasping for air. Without meaning to he had been holding his breath in his sleep. Shaking his head he looked at the familiar red glow of his alarm clock. 6:55; groaning, he untangled himself from his sheets and went to have some breakfast, dreading today's seaside visit.
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