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skating on thin ice part 2

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the second part to my version why archie is afraid of water

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"Now don't you get sun burnt Herry" said Grannie as she waved goodbye to the titans in the jeep "And swim where the life guard can see you"

"Awe...don't worry ickle Herrykins" said Archie standing up in the car, leaning forward and pinching Herry's cheek "we'll protect you"
Herry gripped the steering wheel leaving finger indents. It was taking everything he had not to turn around and give Achilles' descendent a good thumping, but his Grannie was there "Good bye Grannie! Take care"

"So Odie" began Jay watching him from in the reflection of the car mirror "How's the new PMRs?"

"Just finished them this morning Jay" said Odie with pride "now better then ever. They have everything like the old ones but this time they also have a clock, recording, water proof up to 25 feet and even a camera" He started handing them out. They were the same size as the old gadgets but with a new silver back

"Very swish" said Neil taking his, eyeing himself on the reflective back

"Same rules guys" said Jay shoving his into his pocket "Keep them with you"

"I can't wait!" said Theresa excitedly "I haven't been to the beach in ages!"

"Are you going to swim?" Atlanta asked Archie "Or are you gonna play with the toddlers on the sand?"

"I don't know 'lanta. I really haven't thought about it"

"You look tired"

"I didn't have a very good night sleep" Archie smiled at the pleasant thought of sleeping in the sun all morning...watching Atlanta in the water...

Theresa was talking to Herry "Are you going to go in the surfing comp?"

"Only if I don't break the board"

"Grab you towels guys" said Jay "we're here"

Herry parked the jeep. The moment engine stopped half the titans jumped out of the jeep and sprinted towards the golden sanded beach. Only Odie and Archie could contain their excitement

"Hey you have speed" Odie said to him grabbing his boogie board "I thought you'd be in the water by now" they began walking towards the beach, their feet squeaking in the sand

"Odie...You've got claustrophobia... um..." Archie wondered how to tell him this "Well, I kinda don't like the water. You understand?"

"Cool" he knew perfectly well what he meant

"Err...don't tell the others. Just say it's my back"

"Sure" they reached the spot where the other titans had thrown their gear. Archie spread out his towel and lay on his stomach while Odie stripped off his t-shirt and rand towards the waves with his orange boogie board under his arm

Archie's head was resting on his folded arms. He closed his eyes and let the sun warm his pale bandaged back and soon he had drifted off to sleep

"Why's Archie staying on the beach?" said Atlanta catching the ball and throwing it to Theresa

"Bad back" answered Odie, catching the ball from the strawberry blonde

Archie's face was screwed up in pain...the sound of crashing waves upon the shore and the smell of the sea brought back the rest of his nightmare

His mother returned red in the face with tears streaming down her face. Damien cried out to her "He's gone under!"
"No!" she ran forward "Don't give up Archie! Don't give..." in her feverish haste to save her son, she slipped on the ice and fell, her head collided with the cold concrete like surface, her body slipped beneath the icy water.

Archie was exhausted. He kicked fiercely and brought his head above the water once more "Don't give up..."he was only able to grab a single mouthful of air when his worn-out body dragged him down again. He couldn't feel his legs, and when he opened his eyes underwater all he could see was inky blackness. Archie's head ached, he was loosing hope. He struck out his hands and they brushed against something soft. Without knowing what it was he pushed the object up, hoping it would float. But it was large and heavy...his muscles gave in to weariness...and with his mother's words still in his head, his word became peaceful blackness

When he next woke up he was in hospital. His father was sitting on a chair beside him, his head resting on the white covered bed. He had bags under his eyes and looked very weary. It had been three days since the incident, Archie had nearly drowned. It had been Damien who had saved him. He had flagged down the first passing car and some strangers of the car tied a roped around their waste, dived in and pulled him out. They had been too late to save his mother. Later Damien told him that he saw Archie trying to pull his mother to the surface and it nearly killed him.
Archie did not need anyone to tell him whose fault it was. When the morning came of his mother's funeral, the looks he received from her relatives was enough; Anger, sadness, blame. If he hadn't have gone skating...hadn't asked his mother if he could learn...not let his pride be tarnished and not taken up the challenge to beat his cousin...she would still be there saying...
"Well done my boy. I'm so proud of you; you never gave up"
But he had...


Archie screamed when cold water splashed on his back, waking him up from his dream. He rubbed the salt water and tears from his eyes

Atlanta was holding an empty bucket laughing "You scream like a girl Archie"

The wet violet haired teen was still recovering from his dream. He had dreamed more that time.

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