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19. Victim.

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I think its obvious what happens from the warnings... This is not a happy chapter for Gerard.

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Hey how's it going bros? As you have probably noticed, I have updated! YAY!!! I hope you like this one, I'm quite excited about it. I'm not sure if you'll like it, but it's got a lot more happening so it's not as boring... hopefully. I worked super hard on this chapter, so I'd appreciate it if you could leave a rate or review.

Title from Avenged Sevenfold, cause they're like... awesome.


Chapter 19- Victim

Still Gerard's POV

(Later the same day)

"Fucking, FINALLY!!!" Ray shouts as he walks over to the clearing at lunch. He chucks his bag on the floor and flops down on the mud next to Bob, not moving for about five minutes.

We've managed to get through four lessons of the day, and we are currently enjoying the freedom of lunch. So, naturally, we're all making the most of it before we have to go back to class. Frank being Frank, he scrambles to his feet and walks over to where Ray is lying on the floor. Without any warning he jumps up and lands on top of the fro'd boy, sitting firmly on his ass. Ray's head snaps up and he attempts to look behind him, but Frank's weight stops him.

"Who is sitting on me?! More importantly, WHY are they sitting on me?!" Frank just leans over Ray, dangling his face in front of his. "Frank!! Get the fuck off me! I can't breathe, man!" Frank laughs, ruffles Ray's fro up and rolls back over to sit beside me.

"Dude, really? What have I said about touching the 'fro? And you know for a small guy you weigh quite a lot." Frank just sticks his tongue out.

"Gee, Fro-Fro is being mean to me."

"Seriously!" Ray shouts, actually annoyed this time. "What have I said to you about calling me that?!" Frank just looks at me and winks.

"Calling you what? Princess Fro-Fro? I love it, it suits you." Ray responds in the polite way of throwing an empty bottle at Frank's head.

"Screw you, you midget."

"OWW!" Frank screams dramatically, throwing himself on the floor... Well across my lap. I poke his cheek as he lays there motionless.

He doesn't move for a good five minutes, apart from smiling occasionally when I poked him. Mikey comes walking over to the group and sits down next to Alicia. When he notices Frank lying on my legs, he smirks.

"YES! Someone finally killed the midget!" He did a strange on the spot butt shuffle, which made him look like an idiot. Frank sat bolt upright, crossing his arms.

"You guys are so mean to me! None of you even cared if Ray killed me with that bottle!" He whines, nuzzling into my neck. He starts kissing the area softly, sucking and biting at the skin. Mikey seems oblivious to this and carries on talking.

"What, this thing?" He says, picking up the bottle that 'killed Frank'. "Dude, that doesn't hurt at all, you're so- Frank!" Mikey shouts, finally looking up after I moan loudly. "What are you doing to my brother?" I blush and nudge Frank, who stops attacking my neck and hugs me tightly.

"Don't let him hurt me, Gee!" I chuckle at him, while Mikey tries to get his attention again by throwing the bottle at him. But, with Mikey's skill at sports, he misses completely and sends it flying over our heads.

"Okay, ow." We turn towards the sound, Frank included. Becky's standing there, bottle in one hand and rubbing her head with the other. "I've just got here and you're already trying to kill me?"

Frank turns back around and points at Mikey. "See? I told you it hurts!"

"Cool story bro. Needs more unicorns." We all roll our eyes at this.

"Of course you WOULD say that. Mr. Unicorn lover." Alicia teases, poking Mikey slightly.

"But unicorns are so PRETTY...." A silence follows the extremely creepy comment from my insane brother.

Frank claps his hands. "Okay, this conversation has gotten slightly awkward now. I'm gonna go back to attacking Gee, okay?" And with that, he jumps on me, his lips finding my own. He immediately puts his hands in my hair the way I like it, and we begin to move our lips together. I feel his tongue flick out and press against my bottom lip, and of course I open my mouth. I forget we're in a public place, and I let out a loud moan at the feeling of our tongues intertwining, at the taste of him in my mouth.

I hear a cough, and I freeze, pulling away from the kiss. Frank takes no notice of my sudden unwillingness, and moves back down to my neck. I can feel my cheeks going red as I see four pairs of eyes staring at us, mouths and eyes wide. However, I'm finding it hard to concentrate at the moment, because Frank is still sucking at my neck. Each nip, each kiss sends tingles down my spine.

"Uhh... Frankie?...You might wanna stop now, Frank-IE." My voice raises in pitch as he bites down harder on a sensitive part. He chuckles, his warm breath washing over my neck.

"But, Gee... I don't wanna stop." He moans seductively. God, I don't want him to stop either, but Mikey looks as though he's about to be sick.

"Please stop. For the love of God stop." The pained cry from the aforementioned Mikey makes Frank's kissing cease. He looks around, still in my lap, and laughs at the sight in front of him. Mikey is sat there, rocking back and forth with his hands over his eyes.

"I thought you were okay with Gerard and I dating?" Frank asks, a slight teasing note to his voice.

"Yeah, but not you molesting him in front of me! Oh, GOD I will never get that image out of my head."

"I wasn't molesting him. I was merely expressing my love for him." This sentence grabs my attention.

"Frankie..." He turns around and leans his forehead against mine.

"Yeah, Gee?"

"You... You love me?" I whisper, so only he can hear me. He blushes a deep scarlet colour.

"Y-Yeah.... Yes, I do. I love you, Gerard.... Is that okay?" I stare at him, lost for words.

"Why? Out of all the people in the world, why me?"

"I've already explained this to you. You're perfect. You're my Gee-gee, and I love you." He whispers softly, pecking me on the lips and stroking my hair back.

"I... I love you too, Frankie." I say quietly, feeling slightly embarrassed.

I gaze into Frank's eyes for what seems like hours when I hear a worrying sound come from the others. It sounds like someone is choking or something, high pitched squeaks and everything. I break eye contact with Frank to see Mikey waving his hands around and fanning his face as he looks at us.

"Mikey? Mikes, what's wrong? Are you hurt?" I start to get worried as it looks like he's not breathing. He just gulps a few times, squeaks some more and finally takes a deep breath. As his face returns to its normal colour, he composes himself.

"Nothing's wrong. I'm fine." He says dismissively, as if none of that had actually happened. I just stare at him, slightly bewildered.

"Well, what was that then? You looked as though you couldn't breathe." Mikey suddenly looks embarrassed.

"Oh, that.. It's just.. You two are so CUTE!!!"

"Jesus, Mikey! Make up your mind! One minute you hate it, the next minute you're acting like a teenage fangirl over it!" Frank laughs, getting out of my lap and sitting beside me.

"Well, I'm okay with the mushy stuff, just not you molesting him, kay? Sorry I don't like to see my brother's face eaten by my friend."

Frank just shrugs and leans his head on my shoulder. "Whatever, I'm tired."

I reach my hand up to his head and begin stroking his hair gently. After a few minutes I can hear him breathing deeply, and I know he's fallen asleep.

"Whoa, he wasn't kidding when he said he was tired." Mikey reaches over to poke Frank's cheek, but I slap his hand away.

"Mikey, don't be so mean. Leave him alone." He just gives me a goofy grin, giggling slightly.

The group drifts into meanigless chatter, talking about new music or what's on tv at the moment. I think at one point they even argued about the existance of unicorns... Poor Mikey, he'll never learn. I don't join in any of the conversations, I'm more than content to sit here and stroke the hair of my angel. Mikey notices my silence and misinterprets my quietness for sadness.

"Gerard, what's wrong?" I look up at him and blink a few times.

"Nothing, I'm fine."

"Oh.. It's just you haven't spoken in a while. Hey, by the way I'm gonna stop off at the store after school, what do you want for dinner?" He asks calmly. Here we go again.

Mikey's been doing this a lot lately. He's been mentioning food to me when we're in public, so I can't say anything back. I give him a death glare and mouth the words 'Really?' to him. He just looks innocently back at me, knowing he's going to get his way.

"Whatever, I don't care." I turn away from him and look back down at Frank, who is still cuddling up to me in his sleep.

"But if you're going to eat, you have to like it!" He laughs, trying to make it look like a joke.

"I said I don't care, Michael! Just get whatever you want." I spit back, raising my voice a little bit. Ray, Bob and Alicia are still talking amongst themselves, but Becky is observing our conversation quietly. I look at her, clear my throat and turn back to Mikey.

"Actually Mikey, I feel a little bit sick. I think I'm gonna go home. You get the dinner and I'll cook it when you get back, does that sound okay?" I say with a forced smile, which probably looks more like a grimace.

"Are you okay? Do you need me to come with you?"

"No, you stay here. Your grades are too good to have me mess them up." I laugh softly.

"Okay... If you're sure...." I nod, reassuring him.

I try and stand up, but remember that I still have a sleeping Frank on me. If he wakes up, he'll come with me and I don't feel like having company right now. So I carefully peel his arms away from my body and lay him down gently on the floor, using his school bag as a pillow. I give him one last kiss on the forehead before standing up and walking out of the clearing.

From the corner of my eye, I can see someone watching me, which unnerves me a bit. I turn my head slowly to my right and see a tall skinny kid. I think his name's... Andy or something? Yeah, that's right Andy Biersack, he's in my History class. He's leaning against a tree and staring straight at me. I give a nervous smile, which he returns with a smirk. God, that kid's creepy. I shrug it off, carrying on my way to the school gates.

I walk slowly down the steps to the main part of the school and see Ronnie's gang by the exit as usual. My throat goes a little dry out of fear of what he's going to do to me. You never know, he might ignore me. I decide to risk it, because I can't stand being here any longer. I need to be alone. I need to be able to think without being interrupted by loud, obnoxious teenagers everywhere I go. With a deep breath, I keep my head down and continue walking out of here.

When I get to the gates, I hazard a look up, only to see Ronnie looking at me. When he sees that I've seen him he smiles slightly at me. The shock of it makes me stop in my tracks. He smiled at me. And not in a malicious 'I'm going to kill you' kind of way either. Composing myself, I give a small smile back and start walking again. I'm almost at the gates when I hear my name being called.

"Hey Gerard! Wait a second!" I turn around and see none other than Ronnie running over to me. Oh god, I knew it was too good to be true. I close my eyes and flinch back, waiting for the attack that's headed my way. I can hear his footsteps come to a halt in front of me and my heart is beating a hundred miles a minute. "Uh... Hey."

I open one eye and Ronnie's standing in front of me looking awkward. "Hi? Uh.. Can I help you?" He turns slightly pink.

"I just wanted to apologise. I had no idea how much we were hurting you- how much I was hurting you. I was an ass, a complete shit I know that. I wouldn't blame you if you shoved this apology right back in my face, but I just wanted you to know that I promise I will NEVER do anything like that again. Okay? I'm sorry."

"Ronnie... Wow. Um, thanks I guess. Wait... Is this a trick?" He looks shocked, but sighs.

"I get why you might think that, but no. I swear to Satan that I am so sorry for what I put you through. The same goes for the guys over there, if they do anything I'll kill them. And if anyone else gives you any shit, you come to us. We'll kick their asses. You got that? I'm so fucking sorry."

"Stop saying sorry. I forgive you. Yeah you hurt me- pretty bad I must say-" He looks down at his feet in shame. "But I can see you're sorry and I respect you for that. Thank you for apologizing." He looks up and smiles again, sticking out a hand.

"We cool?" He asks. I nod and shake his hand.

"We're cool."

"I'll see you around then, yeah? Wait, where are you even going?"

"I'm going home. I can't really deal with school right now, I need to be alone."

"Oh, right. Sorry. I'll let you get going then. Just remember what I said, okay?"

"Okay." I smile once more before walking out of the gates.

"Oh, and Gerard?!" I turn back to see Ronnie shouting from the gates. "I hope you feel better soon!" I wave and turn around again.

I can't quite explain what I feel right now, my mind's a bit of a mess. That was extremely weird... Ronnie... Apologizing to me. I never thought I'd see the day. And he's actually offered me protection from other bullies. Maybe he's changed now. I smile to myself at the thought and cross the road to get to the alleyway leading to my road. This is a shortcut which I haven't taken for a while, so everything's a lot dirtier than I remember. There are cardboard boxes filled with all kinds of crap by the wall, empty food packages spread out everywhere and trash cans overflowing with all kinds of disgusting stuff. This place is gross. Good old Jersey, eh? I'm never coming down this way again.

I'm only about a quarter of the way through when I hear someone walking behind me. I don't look back, just speed up my walking. The footsteps behind me get faster, so I break into a run. Me being the uncoordinated person that I am, I trip and fall to the floor. A shadow looms over me and I look up.

"Andy?" I say suspisciously. He reaches out a hand to help me to my feet. I look at it for a second before accepting his help.

"Uh... Thanks. What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to talk to you." He says in a low voice.

"Wait- You followed me?" Shit, this guy is bad news. I need to get away. Now.

"I heard you and that Frank Iero kid are dating... Is that true?" He answers, ignoring my question. I look at him in confusion.

"Yes it's true... But I don't understand- why do you want to know that?" I'm panicking now, he's dangerous. I can tell.

"Well.... I'm here because you don't belong with Frank. You'd be better off with me." I choke on air in shock.

"What? Are you serious?! We've hardly spoken to each other! And I'm not leaving Frank." He takes a step towards me, pushing me further against the wall.

"I've seen you, sitting by that tree on your own. You fascinate me, you're so gorgeous. Frank doesn't love you like I do." I look up at his towering figure and into those piercing blue eyes. The eyes that now hold a rather psychotic look. I need to get the fuck out of here!

"You don't know a thing about mine and Frank's relationship! Don't you dare say anything!" The arrogant look on Andy's face contorts into one of fury. A small growl escapes his throat, and he raises a fist before bringing it forward to collide with my mouth. Dazed, I fall back against the wall, bringing a hand up to nurse my throbbing chin. "Andy what are you doing? Go away, I don't need this right now." He doesn't respond, just edges closer towards me.

"I want you.... And I will have you." My eyes widen in fear and I try and run.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." He snarls, wrapping his arms around my waist and lifting me back to where I was previously stood.

"Andy, what're you-" My sentence is cut off by Andy slamming me face first into the wall. I feel him press up against my back and he whispers into my ear.

"I told you I would have you. And seeing as you're being so teasing, I'll just have to take you by force." I feel all of the colour drain out of my face.

Oh my god. He's going to rape me.

At that realization, I start thrashing around in his grip, making feeble attempts to escape. The attempts are in vain, because there's no way I can ever escape him, he's too strong. That and he's about 5 inches taller than me. Knowing that I can't get out of this alone, I try pleading with him.

"Andy please! Don't do this! Please, don-"

"Shut UP!!!" He slams my head against the cold brick wall, silencing me. I feel his hands move to my belt, undoing it with one hand. He then moves to my jeans, sliding them down with ease. Damn it, why didn't I wear a tighter pair? The tears are falling down my cheeks now, I'm unable to believe that this is happening.



I hear him pull his pants up and he pushes me away, causing me to fall to the floor. My entire body is shaking with the sobs that feel as though they're being torn from me. He bends down beside me and grabs my hair, forcing me to look at him.

"Now, I wouldn't have had to do that if you'd agreed. This was your fault. Look at you, you're pathetic." He shoves my head to the floor, standing up. "Oh, and Gerard? Pull your pants up before you embarrass yourself even more." He chuckles darkly and stalks of. He gets about five meters before he turns back to me.

"One more thing. If you tell anyone about this, you're going to wish you'd never been born." Too late for that, you bastard. "And just to make sure you keep this a secret, I'll give you a little taster of your punishment."

He starts kicking me in the stomach over and over again, and I can feel the recent self inflicted wounds reopen, the blood pooling around me. Andy doesn't seem satisfied with just kicking me, so he drags me to my feet by my hair. He spits in my face before slamming my head repeatedly against the wall. When he's content with the amount of damage caused, he pulls me closer to him by my arm. In the process he pulls jacket off, it falling to the floor at my feet. He just smirks at me.

"See?" He says, lifting my arm up. "Pathetic. I think you've recieved the message... Tell no one, you got it?" I nod slightly, unable to keep my head up properly. With one last disgusted look, he throws me to the floor and walks away as if nothing has happened.

I try and crawl over to one of the bins, looking for something to lean against, but I don't get very far before my arms and legs collapse. I just lay face down on the floor, surrounded in a pool of my own blood.

What did I do to deserve this?

Ronnie's Pov

I'm really glad that Gerard's forgiven me. I'm surprised, yes, but glad. I feel so guilty for what I did to him, and nothing can ever take that back. But I meant it when I promised I'd protect him from now on.

Right now though, we've just been let out from school and I'm walking with Max and Alex. We're joking about the lesson we just had, laughing at something stupid the teacher did. I've forgotten what it was, but I remember that it was funny.

From across the street, I see Frank and that Mikey dude along with some other people who I don't know. Frank catches my eye and I smile at him, but he just glares at me in return. Oh, well that's understandable. I wonder why Gerard hasn't told him about our arrangement yet... That's strange. Frank turns away from me and the group turns left, away from the school. My friends and I just carry on walking straight, taking the shortcut home.

After another five minutes of stupid jokes and talking about the cheerleaders, I say goodbye to my friends and turn down the alleyway leading to my street . I'm walking through the alley when I hear a quiet sob. I stop in my tracks.

"What is that?" I say to myself. I stand there and listen. Sure enough, there are more sobbing sounds. It sounds as though they're coming from in the alley. I start walking forward at a fast pace, seeking the source of the sound. What I find shocks me.

Curled up on the floor by the wall, surrounded by a pool of blood, is Gerard Way. His body and clothes are covered in blood as he cries loudly. I don't think he's noticed me yet, because his eyes are screwed tightly shut. Trying to be as quiet as possible, I step closer to him and kneel down about a metre away from him. I reach out my hand and touch his shoulder, which cause him to start and bolt upright, scrambling away from me so his back is bressed up firmly against the wall.

"Don't touch me! Get away from me! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" He shrieks in between agonizing sobs. I raise my hands in surrender.

"Gerard, I'm not going to hurt you. It's me, Ronnie. What happened to you?" He looks up at me, and I see that his face is battered and bruised, also covered in blood. His eyeliner is running down his face from crying. He looks completely and utterly broken. He stares at me with wide eyes, fearful and tormented eyes.

"Please don't let him hurt me." He whispers before collapsing into a heap on the floor. It's then that I notice his arms, beneath all the blood. Hundreds of scars, old and new.

I caused these... I think to myself, overcome with a wave of guilt. No, this isn't about me right now, it's about helping Gerard. Just then, a thought pops into my head.


"Gerard, do you have your cellphone on you?" He lifts his head up and gestures to his jacket, which is lying on the floor a few feet away from us. I pick it up and take his cellphone out.

I look through the contacts list before finding the name 'Frankie'. Clicking on the contact, I press dial and hold the phone to my ear.

"Shh... It'll be okay Gerard." I say rubbing his hair. He just continues sobbing, muttering something that sounds like 'Frank'.

The phone is still ringing.

Come on Frank. Pick up, pick up...

On the fifth ring I hear the wonderful sound of a phone being picked up. There's a few muffled 'shut up's' and I can hear Frank say 'Shh you guys, it's Gerard.' before answering.


I'm sorry! I keep ruining Gee's life, don't I? I promise I'll stop doing that soon.... Just a little more and then happiness all round! :)

How was it? Did I miss out too much detail? I hope you liked it, it's been my favourite to write, because the ideas just kept on flowing out of my head! :P Rate and review? You'll get.... whatever you want, and Josh Franceschi. Bitches love Josh Franceschi. I know I do :P

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