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You Boys! Babysit This Fucker.

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A real chapter. No more fun & games...BANG. I lied. A bit more. :D

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They drove into the town at noon, Gerard still giving Ray the silent treatment. Well. He had been, but then he realized who could drive out of the two of them and who could get the stupid beaten down chevy CD player to work.

“Don’t you think that man at the gas station was acting strange?” Ray rolled his eyes. “No, I’m serious, Ray. You’re not the only cop in here, you know? He kept looking at me all funny.”

“I guess he’d never seen a prostitute with enough money to buy that many packets of alcohol swabs and mentos."

“You think I'd give this away for mentos and swabs? Pfft, you wish.” Gerard muttered and ripped open another pack of alcohol swabs. Ray glanced at him.

“You’re gonna kill yourself.”

“Would you rather I smoke?”

The ride became quiet. Neither of them could come up with much to say. Ten minutes passed, then thirty, another forty, and they were still silent. The tension began to increase again, like when Ray came back with blood and Ryan got all the credit. Again. Ray should've died, with who he was up against.

“I told you you’d get shot.” Gerard stated, glaring out the window.

“What do you want me to do? They needed my help.”

“There wasn’t much worth saving.”

“That's a little bitter.”

“Don’t be so gun-ho, okay! This is your life we’re talking about! It’s important. Stop doing stupid stuff like this!”

“Yeah, that’s right, man. My life, and I’ll deal with it however the hell I want.”

“Whatever.” Gerard waved him off and stared out through the grease. A car swerved around to pass them. Gerard stuck his head out the window, viciously cursing and flipping the driver off, even though he was too far gone to see him. “Fuckin’ asshole.” Ray slammed his fist into the tape deck. Gerard flinched and glared at the stop sign ahead. Ray was making no effort to abide by rules. He sped past, barely grazing a small Toyota that carried a shocked woman and her twelve year old son. “The hell, Ray!”

“I’m just doing what I thought you wanted me to.” He shrugged, tensing his shoulders and clenching the wheel.

“Well, stop, by all means! You nearly killed those people!”

“I know that.” Ray bit his lip and inched forward in his seat.

“You’re going seventy!”

“I know.”



“Slow the fuck down!”

“I’m just showing you what it’d be like if I just stopped caring.”

“I’m not asking you to stop caring! I’m just asking you to be more careful.” Ray eased on the gas pedal.

They pulled onto a street where a rickety old town sign that couldn't be read lived. People stared blankly at their car, walking around in bright blue crooked trailers with the grass growing high above them. They had both silently agreed that this town was creepy as fuck. Why were they just standing there in the pouring rain? Shouldn’t those little kids be in school?

“He’s not here, is he?” Gerard questioned quietly.


“The kid we’re supposed to see.”

“Oh. Him? No, I think he’s in the next town.” They were pulled away from that eerie town that made everyone seem like zombies in the Walking Dead and suddenly, historical buildings popped up everywhere and folks only came out to get newspapers, but they still smiled at the passing cars. “Yeah, here we are. It's getting bright now, isn't it?”

“They said the green house with the rose bushes in front. 136.”

“I see it.” Ray pulled into the driveway…puzzled on how easy it was to find the house. Pulling the key out, Ray unbuckled himself and grabbed his coat. Gerard grabbed some paint and a mostly blank sketchpad. He was so glad now that he had torn out the embarrassing pieces. Like, some disturbing fan art that involved a very smiley Batman and The Joker…frowning. It was in no way slashy. Nu huh. It was just...y’know, Frank Miller’s Batman is abusive. It was just messed up and Gerard didn’t feel like thinking about it anymore. He started to wonder how the hell he was knocking on the front door already…sighing, because this was all in Gerard’s head, he put on his best smiled and stood ready to shake hands.

“Hullo?” A kid answered, stuffing a piece of Tofurky in his mouth.

“Isn’t that stuff nasty?” Gerard inquired, walking into the house.

“Uhm, yes, you can come in.” The kid sarcastically replied as he held the door open. “It’s slimly…who are you?”

“Ew. Why do you eat it?” The kid shrugged and glanced around for his parents.

“Mom! Dad! There’s some girl---” Gerard narrowed his eyes and put his hands on his hips. “---lish looking guy here. He’s interrogating my diet!” They heard some shuffling up the stairs and the kid looked back at Gerard. He took another piece of Tofurky, showing Gerard how thin it was. “Watch this. It's the only reason I really eat it.” He leaned back and hung the Tofurky slice over his mouth, sticking his tongue out. He looked absolutely ridiculous and Gerard watched with one raised eyebrow. He flapped his tongue about, getting most of the Tofurky in. “This way,” he said, through a mouthful. “You can pretend you’re a snake.” He took another piece and held it out to Gerard. “You try.”

“Would you feed murderers, too?” Gerard asked, taking the piece and hesitantly looking over it. “Oh, sweet Satan, it’s slimier than I though.” Ray walked in at that moment because the kid had forgotten to shut the door and Ray was bad at introductions, even when the rain was showering down.

“Who are you?” The kid queried.

“Your saints.” Gerard responded. Ray rolled his eyes and looked over the kid.

“We’re just here to observe you----”

“Your mental illness.” Gerard finished. The kid’s nostrils flared and he glowered at the both of them.

“I’m not crazy!”

Heyyyyyyyyyy all. I just wanna say thanks and stuff…This has been uber fun so far….I hope that it’s as much fun to read as it is to write…awesomesauce. :D I may update later tonight, I hate to be that person, but it does depend on if you review it…so…review! And you can probably get another chapter outta me tonight. If you want….
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