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A/N: Set between Small Talk and Alien.
He was looking at the monitor when a moan caught his attention. He looked down just as Shayera began to slowly open her eyes.

She groaned when she tried to get up."Careful! Don't sit up too quickly." John held her upright as he adjusted the bed to better fit her seated position. Shayera accepted his assistance when he leaned her back against the upraised bed. She groaned again as she fingered the bandage on her hairline.

"What happened? Last I remember I was fighting Killer Frost," Shayera leaned her head back as she groaned in pain again. "My head won't stop throbbing."

"Sinestro took a cheap shot and knocked you out," John said taking a seat besides her on the bed. Shayera placed her hand back down and stared at John. "You split your head open when you hit the concrete."

"How long have I been out?" She asked looking over the room for any clocks or other ways of telling the time.

"Three days with a severe concussion." John reported looking at her concerned. She returned her gaze to him, a frown planted on her face when she noticed his own frown.

"Are you kidding me?" She winced as she put a hand to her head. "Ow."

"You need to relax Shayera. You can't hop into battle with the first bad guy you see. That's why the League expanded because we all need rest." John said, his voice serious. Shayera rolled her eyes and laid her head back.

"Please John, do not lecture me. I'm seriously not in the mood for it. But doesn't this give you a case of deja vu?" John's expression relaxed, a light smile playing around his lips.

"Yeah but if I remember correctly, I was the one in the bed and you were the one playing nurse." Shayera smiled at that.

"And you were trying to convince me that we belonged together," She said as he smirked. "I know, you were right; I was wrong."
Later on Shayera tried to eat the meal Wally had brought for her from the cafeteria. With her head killing her the way it was, she just simply didn't have an appetite.

She picked at it while laughing at jokes Wally made. It was good to have him around, some of his jokes no one else would understand because was their jokes. Brother-sister jokes.

"Yes I would have loved to see that," She stated as she played with the salad. "Diana must have been livid."

"How are you feeling?" Wally asked. He wasn't gawking over her like a concerned mother hen; that would have annoyed the living stars out of her. No he was seated in the chair next to her bed but staring at her with complete worry.

She liked it this way. If it had been John, he would have been all over the place worrying and babying her around like she was incapable of taking care of herself. Wally however wasn't like John. He understood she would much prefer to do things for herself, even when injured. She couldn't be angry at John for this as he did so because he loved her. Even though it annoyed her, she was grateful for John always being there for her.

"Shay!" Wally called again, she turned her gaze from her meal and looked at him. "How are you feeling?" He asked again.

Shayera sighed. "I've been better. I got one heck of a headache though." What she really wanted was to get out of bed and move around, especially fly.

Wally left awhile later promising to return once he finished eating his dinner, which meant she had plenty of time to herself. Sighing, Shayera got out of bed. Though she found the process a lot harder than she thought it would be. Her body was sore and most likely covered in bruises.

"Shayera, how are you..." John stopped to stare. Shayera stared back.

"Knock John, you never learned to knock." He smiled, walking into the room as the door closed behind him.

"Well you were injured and bedridden; I didn't think it would make a difference. I know your injuries didn't affect your hearing because you were told to stay in bed," When she made an attempt to argue, he raised his hand to stop her.

"I didn't think it would matter because I didn't think you would be up so soon. Also I have already seen you looking a lot worse. Especially with bedhead worse than that." John teased, a smile engulfing his entire face. Shayera however did not look happy. She was angry but the darkening red blush on her face only broadened his smile.
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