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The man of my nightmares

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Vampire FRERARD:Frank is a regular everyday highschool kid who not only goes to bible club but also never has a single bad thing on his permanent record. All that changes when Gerard, an artistic b...

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"Frank Anthony Iero wake the hell up before you miss school",my oh so caring mothers voice carried through the halls from the kitchen.
Today is a special day for me since I will be turning 17 years old. I wonder if any of my classmates will care about my birthday, but then again everybody will probably be trying figuring out how to use their new iPhones instead of singing to the class nerd. Anyway after being given a second wake up call by my mother, I was squeaky clean and dressed for school in just 20 minutes (don't ask me how).
"Hey honey, you want to eat some breakfast or will you leave me to eat all this by myself again", my mom said indicating to the big breakfast she cooked for us. I wonder why she even bothers making so much food when she knows I won't eat anything other than an apple. 
"Well since I'm going to be late for school let me tell you the usual.........NO now if you'll excuse me I'm going to expand my knowledge", I said while walking out the door. 
"Alright bye", she yelled back. 
The school was only 3 blocks away from my house, so it's easy for me not to be tardy. In case you haven't noticed I'm a pretty nerdy kid who refuses to have a bad reputation if want to get into Princeton. 
I kept walking when all of a sudden I felt a burning feeling at the back of my neck like someone was staring at me. So I turned around and found no one except for a tree and rose bushes. Weird. 

I followed on walking and got to school right on the dot with some extra time to jot down some lyrics. 
RING RING RING went the bell indicating that school was starting and in came the students for 1st period. 
"Ok students before we start I want to introduce a new student his name is Gerard Way please be nice",  Mrs. Robinson said and right then and there a guy dressed in a dress shirt, a waistcoat and skinny jeans with black vans. 
'Well isn't that just a delicious piece of pie' one of the popular girls whispered to her friend to my left. 
And apparently Gerard heard it because all of a sudden he smirked and gave a quick glance to the sluts next to me. 
"Alrighty you can sit right there next to Frank",the teacher said. 
Gerard turned his head to where I was and I couldn't help but get hypnotized by his sea foam green eyes. He gave me a closed mouth smile  and sat next to me.
"Hey there gorgeous", he said while giving me a sexy smirk. Oh shit he's cocky. Houston we got a problem.
"Ummmm.......hi I guess", I said awkwardly, silently wishing he wouldn't have made such a risky first move.
The rest of the period was spent with him just staring at me while I on the other hand was actually listening to the geometry problems and solutions the teacher was giving us.
We were about to have some students go up and work problems out when the bell rang. All the kids went running out of the classroom while I was still packing up my back pack for 2nd period. I was about to go out the door when Gerard stopped me and told me,"Cara mia ti amo" kissed my cheek and left me with my mouth open wider than a hookers vagina. 
Ok so this is my first time writing a story so please cope with me here. Love youz bye 
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