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A/N: Set after Alien. As stated beforehand, still suffering from a cold and was doing this so that was the inspiration for this chapter. 103 degree fever and loving it!

He came in to find his wife leaning against the refrigerator, with her head resting inside the freezer. Curious, he walked towards her, only to receive no response.

Tentatively he said, "Shayera?"

Her eyes fluttered open at that, although instead of the usually their usually bright green, they were now dull and glassy.

"John?" She murmured. "Sorry, I couldn't hear you, the freezer makes this humming sound inside of it."

"Why is your head in the freezer?"

"It's hot," She whined.

This confused him, seeing as it couldn't have been more than seventy degrees in the apartment. He reached out a hand and gently laid it on her forehead, checking for a temperature and noticed when she shivered against his touch.

"You're really hot."

Shayera smirked. "Thanks but you told me that last night."

He frowned. "I mean you're literally burning up. You're sick." Shayera's temperature was naturally lower than a human's as it was. Adding a high grade fever to it didn't help eradicate John's concern.

"I know, I caught a cold from the kids. And here I thought I couldn't get sick." She replied sleepily, her eyes closed once again. "I've never been sick before; it's not fair."

"You're not invincible," John commented. "You should at least go and lay down for awhile."

"I can't. When Emma and Rex get home later I have to be up."

John scoffed at that, considering she wasn't going to be much help with a fever or her head in a freezer. Sometimes she was just too stubborn.

"Come on sunshine let's get you in bed," He told her, trying to gently remove her away from the freezer.

"No," She mumbled.

"Shayera, this is ridiculous, you're sick and need to rest."

"I'm fine," She mumbled, turning her head so she was further inside the chill of the freezer. "It's just a stupid cold."

"Ok," He muttered. "We'll just have to do this the hard way."

Carefully placing an arm under her legs he scooped her up bridal style, only to have her gasp in reply.

"John it's cold!" She protested.

"Cold?" He cocked an eyebrow as he looked down at her, giving her a confounded look. "I thought you were hot?"

"That was before you took me out of the freezer," She snapped.

He shook his head, she was definitely sick. John made his way to their bedroom and slowly placed her on the bed before wrapping the blankets around her. Once again he felt her forehead, startled at the sudden rise in temperature.

"I'm going to go get you some ibuprofen or whatever we have. Your temperature's rising," He stated, beginning to go to head towards the bathroom until her groggy voice called after him.

"No, don't bother. It doesn't work on me. My metabolism breaks down any Earth medication before it gets a chance to work."

John sighed. She was right. Even pain medication didn't work on her. This was painfully discovered during childbirth, when John literally ended up with a broken hand as a result.

"John, please don't leave me," Shayera practically begged.

"I wasn't even planning on it."

"Lay down with me, please?"

John climbed into the bed. She snuggled up to him and he wrapped his arms around her. "I'm right here babe and I'm not going anywhere."


He lightly smiled as he kissed her forehead, "Promise."
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