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goodbyes to friends and family

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titans meet some of their dead family and friends

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Odie shivered as another spirit faded into his candle. He felt strange with the knowledge he knew what was going to happen when he died. He looked over at Theresa who was saying her last goodbyes to her aunty. A tear was rolling down her cheek
The smart titan looked down at his candle. As one last spirit came into the flame it the wax melted away into a silver ball. Theresa's candle had gone into a ball too, and with one last playful punch from Neil's old grandpa his also became a ball.

"Okay team, time we wrapped this up" said Jay pulling out his PMR "Hey Atlanta? We're heading back to the school...what are you doing?"

"Oh, er..." her voice sounded over the PMR "We'll meat you over there"


"Guys we finish this. It ends...Now!" Atlanta blue out the candles and looked at the score board

"Who came first?" asked Herry

"Bet it was me" said Archie

"Actually Archie, you came last"


"I won"

"Show me that board"

"If you don't believe me then look at your candles. Archie's still has a fair way to burn, Herry's got a slither left and I've got a silver ball" said Atlanta smugly

"The pizza is mine! Yahoo!" Atlanta jumped up and punched the air. Suddenly the air became cold and quiet. Shivers went down the titan's backs. Archie and Herry picked up their candles and lit it again.

"I don't think all the spirits are gone yet" said Archie

"Well of coarse not. I'm not going to go back to the underworld without seeing my wife and grandson for one last time" a tall brawny ghost with thick coke bottle glasses and a hairless head came into view
"Gamps?" said Herry confused

"Come here! Look at you; chip off the old block" Herry ran up to give Gramps a hug. Trouble was, he ran straight through him "so when are you going to introduce me to your friends?" said the old timer

"Oh yeah" Herry and gramps walked back towards Archie and Atlanta "Gramps, this is Archie and Atlanta. Archie, Atlanta, this is Gramps"

"Please to meet you both" he tried to shake hands with them but again his pale hand went straight through theirs "I keep forgetting about that. Now, can I speak with you alone for a moment?"

"Err, sure" Herry walked while Gramps floated over to a near by tree. Archie blew out his candle and he and Atlanta sat down on the deck chairs

"Now, lets get down to business" Gramps floated down to his grandson's eye level "I saw Grannie earlier. She beat me with a broom and told me to get out. It took five minutes for me to convince her who I really was" Herry laughed "I'm glad to see you're taking care of her, and for that I am proud of you, but" Herry swallowed "but you must remember, if anything does happen it is not your fault. You can't help being who you are"
Herry knew he was talking about the time grannie got kidnapped by Cronos and was going to be sacrificed to an eagle with a bowl of green fire. Gramps continued "Remember; you are a titan! And from your grannie's side of the family too, you have the power to do so much good to the world. But for now, I must be off. I want to start a new life somewhere...maybe Hawaii. I'l have to wait for Grannie though"

"Bye Gramps. Take care"

"Bye...Herry-pooh. Oh, and by the way, this makes you tie with Atlanta" and with that he held out his old hand and touched the candle flame and disappeared into a ball of light and joined the candle. The flame went out and a silver ball was all that was left in the titan's hand
"Yeah...bye gramps"

"Is he gone? Said Atlanta gently as he rejoined the group

"Yeah, come on lets get back to the school. Oh, and Archie" he held up a silver ball "You owe Atlanta and I a pizza"

Groaning, Archie folded up a deck chair and headed out of the graveyard towards the truck

Hera looked at the heroes with pride "Well done. All up you've probably caught a thousand souls. However I do need them in ball form, so for the three of you who still have a candles you will need to catch some more"

"How many more are there to collect?" asked Jay

"The gym caught about six thousand" said Ares "Oh, almost forgot. Archie here's your new whip. Even tougher then the last, providing you don't loose it" the last five words had a hint of annoyance as the violet haired teen came forwards and collected his weapon.

"There are some spirits we did not catch" said Hera smiling "a few of them have some unfinished business" behind her three ghosts floated forward. Atlanta, Jay and Odie gave a cry of delight and rushed forward




Jay looked at his great great grandfather. He still was missing an eye and he had to keep propping up his head with his hands to stop it from rolling off his shoulders "Ah, you're a born leader. You take straight after me, just like when I lead the soldiers in Vietnam"

"Yeah, Timer"

His great great grandfather scorned "Now don't you start calling me that again. Yes, I know I use to have perfect time in the marching, band and now 'old timer'. But you still must show respect"

"Yes sir!" Jay saluted him

"Hey Bruce!" Odie ran up to give his old dog a hug, but like Herry before him his arms went straight through him

"Awe, you call that a hug? Could you scratch me behind the ears like you use to?" said the pale mutt

Odie nearly did a cartwheel "Whoa! You can talk!"

"It is the afterlife..."

"Sorry boy. Looks like you're going to have to ask Hades for that scratch" Bruce jumped up and started to lick his old masters face. Laughing, Odie gave him an air hug back.

Atlanta faced her older sister with pride. Angela put a slender pale hand on her shoulder "Who'd have thought I am the sister and descendent of Artimes. I'm sorry you have to save the world. I wish you never had to go through all the pain"

"Oh really?" said Atlanta with a grin "Bet you did. You loved action movies when we were little kids"

"Beats Horror"

"Never in a million years"

"So?" Angela smirked "I know who has a crush on you"

"So...Got any dead relies Archie?" Herry cracked his knuckles as they watched three of the titans and their happy reunion

"What? Err..." Archie shifted nervously

"Look at Odie" said Theresa "I never knew he had a dog. I bet he is quite attached to him"

Neil was combing his hair "God I am starving. What's for dinner?"

SECOND LAST CHAPTER!!!! PLEASE REVIEW!!!hmmm...maybe i'll do a sequel...what do you think? let me know!
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