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one final goodbye

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archie sees his mother for one last time, and the other titans....get to meet her too

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That night, Archie sat with the other titans in the lounge of the Dorm watching a movie. He was paying no attention to the bloodthirsty werewolves attack a married couple, but was once again thinking about today's events. Theresa had met her auntie, Herry his grandpa, and Atlanta her sister; but, what about his mother? Surely she would come and see him before she left. Hera had collected all of the stray souls and everything was back as it should. But a pang of pain that his mother had already started a new life or had forgotten him didn't go away

Jay stifled a yawn "Gee it's getting late. Five more minutes guys"

"Not me" said Archie getting up "I'm feeling absolutely buggered. Night"

"Say Archie" said Atlanta getting up "How's you grandpa?"

"Excuse me?"

"Grandma...weren't you listening?"

"To what?" he said confused

"Relative visiting you from the underworld?" seeing the violet haired teen's confused expression Atlanta gave up "Night". She saw him walk down the hall and an idea came to her. She whispered to the others "I've got the best idea for a prank!"
Eagerly the other titans leaned forward and heard her plan, then tiptoed down the hall towards Archie's room

Archie walked down the hall towards his messy room. Along the way, he couldn't help but notice how tidy Herry's room was 'Grannie must have cleaned it before she moved back into her old house yesterday' he thought
He opened his bedroom door and stepped inside. Slipping off his sandals he collapsed on the bed with a sigh

"Good evening my boy" said a warm familiar voice he had long not heard

"Wha?" he sat up "Who's there?"

Outside the room Atlanta was about to do a ghost impersonation with the rest of the team behind her, when she heard voices coming from Archie's room. Theresa signaled everyone to be quiet as they listened

Inside, a ghost about the same height as Archie with soft white hair and kind eyes came into view. Shocked, the titan could only choke out one word
"Mum" he jumped up and flew his arms around his long dead mother, only to find his limbs went straight through
"You thought I had forgotten about you hmm?" she held his arms in a half hug

Archie had many questions streaming through his mind. Tears welled up in his eyes "I've missed you so much"

"I know, I know" she patted him on the back and they sat down on the bed

"Do you know about dad?"

"I do. I know you may think that this new woman is bad news, and she probably is. But what you have to think about is this; you father is happy again and he has not been in a very long time. Second, you do not have to call her mother and whether you decide to go to the wedding is up to you"

Archie sighed "Yeah's hard"

"You'll face the challenge sooner or later. You can't run from it. But you can learn from it" tears streamed down the titan's face. He was overjoyed at seeing hi9s mother again in the first time for years, but with it came an old guilt he had not yet let go of

"I'm sorry mum"

"What for?"

"It's my fault you're...if I hadn't skated down that side of the pond..."

"What happened that day is and was no body's fault. It was my own. I was not careful; do not blame yourself for my mistake"

Archie nodded

"I must go now love. Unless I want to have another shot at life, I'd better skedaddle"


"Since I have departed I have never left my eyes off you. I have watched you grow up and been beside you whenever you were lost, hurt or afraid. And I will keep watching you until you feel you can take care of yourself and I am satisfied. I love you, goodbye my boy"

"Goodbye mum...wait...don't you need a candle or...?"

"What? Heavens no! I'm not like those other half witted ghosts who need someone to take them back home! I know where I'm going" and with one finial kiss on the cheek she faded into the light

Archie let out a breath and lay down on the bed. He heard a squeak and a giggle form out side the door. Suddenly, his mother reappeared again
"You have good friends, but they've been outside the door listening all this time; so farewell my boy. Now, I'm going to meet your friends" and with that she floated through the door before Archie could say another word

"Who is he talking to?" whispered Neil

"I don't know...kinda sounds like a girl

"Whoohoo Archie!" cheered Herry

A ghost screamed and floated through the door, taking the team by surprise. They all screamed in fright at the top of their lungs and ran down the hall, tripping over their own feet and pushing each other trying to get as far away from that 'thing' as quickly as possible. Archie laughed and opened the door.

"See ya mum"

After five minutes of trying to catch their breath and take in what they saw, Odie spoke first
"What was that thing?"

"I don't know" said Neil "who does"

"My mum" Archie said standing in the doorway

"Your mum!" said Herry, surprised "oh she's cool. I like her...but, god, old were you"

Archie shrugged "five...maybe six" there was an uncomfortable quiet pause

"Well I think it's about time we were all heading off to bed" said Jay making for the door. The others immediately nodded and followed, pardon Atlanta who slipped a crisp white envelope into Archie's hand
"This came in the mail for you today. I only remembered it now. Night Archie"

Achilles' descendent could have sworn he saw a slight blush in Atlanta's cheeks. Smiling to himself he took the letter and headed into his room once more. There he slid into bed and tore open the letter

"Dear Son
In the past month, Gloria has not been ill. We were closely considering canceling the wedding but after viewing the doctor's results we are pleased to inform you that you are soon to become the new older brother of a little sister or brother. Due to the event we shall be moving close to where you are living, little more then an hour's drive.......

Archie stared at the letter in outmost shock "....older brother..... We shall be moving...."

To be continued.....

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