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Chapter 6-Far Away

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Where are Gerard and Frank going?

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Chapter 6;

Gerard's P.O.V;

We ran out of the hospital. I was clutching his hand tight. I wanted to hold him forever. Have him always by my side. I wanted him to know that I will always be with him, whether he likes it or not. I didn't know where we were going,but we kept running. I remember the saying I got told Keep Running It meant to me running away from the bad things in life and this was what we were trying to do now. My palms started to sweat. I was red in the face. Frank looked normal but I could tell he was upset. I could see all the thoughts and questions buzzing through his mind. Suddenly, I just stopped.
"What are we doing Frank?" I asked. I didn't know why I said it,but I felt like I had to.
"What do you mean? You know you don't have to come. You were the one who ran with me!"
He said this in a harsh voice. The voice I used when I thought Lyn-Z was in the house and told him to get out.
"You know what's funny. I have loved you for I don't know how many years now,and I thought it would be better than this. I thought you were a different person. You always used to be different with me. You used to flirt with me in front of Ray and Mikey but when it's just me and you,you act different. Like you don't care. Do you know how much that hurts? Maybe this wasn't meant to be. Maybe you should just go back to Lyn-Z and Bandit and we should never see each other again. I'm already dying,I don't want to go far away with you and then have you say 'This isn't working out' or 'I don't love you' because I can't take that. You know what's the worst bit of this though? You have NEVER said to me 'I love you' and that's what hurts me the most." He said.
I looked at him. I thought about everything he said. It hurt me. I started to feel sick. I was upset. I didn't know what to say. Then to top it all off I started to cry.
"You are one horrible person. I looked after you all this time. I have loved you for longer than you think and I love you more than I love anyone else on this planet. I know your dying and to be honest I can't cope with it and I was going to kill myself to be with you but if that's what you want,me to leave then that's your decision and I'll have to do it. But there you go. I love you. Always have. Always will."
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