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Cirque Romantique-Chapter 10

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10th chapter,final chapter *tears*

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A/N:this is the final chapter.. =(!
Good news though,I'll start the killjoy fic next week!
But,I'll need your help with the name and maybe the plotline?
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Ok,off we go with the final chapter of Cirque Romantique

Cirque Romantique-Chapter 10

I arrived at the theatre fast,my heart pounding with both anger and fear.
I ran through the stage door,knife poised in my hand.
A stage light shone into the middle.
I stood in the lighted spot,and Murloch walked on stage.

"You finally came,so you're not just a bag of blood,eh?"He taunted with a devilish smile.
"No,I'm not."I say neutrally.
"Heh,we'll see about that!"He smiled and he cued for one of the Vampeneze to bring them down.
My family and Vampiris were then hung above us.
Vampiris had tears in her eyes,as did I.
"Aww...look,little puny vampire crying!"Murloch teased,and I lunged at him.
He flung me across the room and I broke the crates in the prosess.
"I think it's time we bring the new guy out."Murloch smiled,and Mikey walked on the stage.
"M-Mikey?"I say,staring at my best friend,or so I thought.
"Gerard.I should've known,you always try and steal my dreams!"Mikey said,his vampiric eyes glinting with evilness.
The stage door crashed open and Zacky strode in and flung a knife at Murloch,who flung it back at Zacky,who again flung it back at Murloch,and they fought in the middle,trying to kill the opponent and both failing.
I looked at Vampiris,who had slipped out of the trap and had snuck towards me.
She helped me up and we ran backstage,out of sight.

"I'm sorry,Vampiris.I let him take you away from me.."I say,hugging her tightly.
"It's ok,Gerard.I'm safe now,ok?You saved me,you found me."Vampiris replied,smiling back at me.
I looked into her deep red eyes and kissed her.
"Just promise,never to leave me.Ever."She said,and wrapped her arms around my neck and smiled.
"I'd never do that,I love you.Always."I say before kissing her again.
"Go.I'll go save the rest of your family,you go save Zacky.He'll need help."Vampiris said,before leaving.
I sighed then ran back onto the stage.

I got back on stage just as Zacky had driven the dagger in his hand into Murloch's heart.
"Ooh,right in the heart,good,pure.Well done."Murloch smiled."But,my people will hear about this.The great truce for 80 years,is over.."And with that,he drew his last breath.
"We started the war.."Mikey breathed.
"There won't be a war,if no body hears about it"I say before I lunge at him with my dagger,but Mr.Tiny flung it out of my hand.
"No fighting.Not now."He ordered.
"Mikey,are you ready to go meet your people?"He asked before him and Mikey left the theatre,for the last time.

"Well done,Gerard.You did good.I've left something for you in your tent,for you and Vampiris."Zacky said as we got back to the Cirque.
"Thanks,Zacky.."I say before me and Vampiris run off towards our tent to see our coffin.
We both smiled before we dove for it.

So,that is my life now.
I'm Gerard,and I don't just live with a bunch of freaks.
I am one too.

A/N:There.We are DONE!
Love you guys hugging
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