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Chapter 7

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Mikey walked as quickly as he could out of Eel Marsh House to look for the woman he saw only minutes ago. There was nothing but the trees with thin branches that seemed to reach out to him, shaking in the wind. He began to make his way back down the path to where Keckwick had dropped him off earlier that morning. Through the forest, horses galloping steps could be heard but faded quickly, which made him wonder if Keckwick had come back early.

"Hello?" No one answered.

More horses galloping but dissolving in the wind before Mikey could notice where they were coming from.


In the broken entrance to the Eel March land, the marshes seemed to have disappeared into a thick fog. Turning around to look for these mysterious horses, Mikey then heard a woman scream. His head whipped around to the direction of the woman in terror. A cry of a man and a young boy joined the woman. For a moment he could see a carriage drawn by a couple of horses sinking into the marshes. The boy and what Mikey imagined to be his parents were struggling to get out of the cart. What was right in front of his eyes then was hidden again by the mist.

"Whose there?" Mikey demands.

The shrieks continue. He runs through the fog in an attempt to find somewhere less thick and he can see properly.

"Keckwick!" He shouts, hoping the grim man will appear to drive him back to Crythin.

A man's voice roared "Get the boy!"

He once again saw the drowning carriage. This time the woman was almost out, while her husband and child were still stuck.

"Mummy!" the little boy cried. His small hand reached up to hold his mothers, but she did not take it. She just jumped out of the cart herself.

Gone once again, Mikey turned around and his heart jumped as Keckwick stood behind him. Looking as angry as ever, with his cart only a few metres away. Once back in Crythin Gifford, Mikey immediately headed for the police station to speak the constable of what he saw.

"I'm telling you sir, I heard an accident." He urged him.

"There's no one who would dare go there in anymore. Not since the little Bryar boy was...cruelly taken." He paused as if choking up. "Eel Marsh House is empty."

Mikey sighed, "but it's not. I saw a woman there."

The constables head rose and his eyes were filled with fear, but he quickly composed himself. "Just one moment." He walked away from his podium and through a door behind it. Leaving Mikey alone once more.

Or so he was unti two young boys that had been staring at him earlier walked into the police station, holding up a poorly looking girl. Her eyes were unblinking with the dark shadows under them, contrasting the rest of her deadly pale skin. Her long brown, tangled hair reached far down her back on little messy curls, but still with a dirty bow at the top in an attempt to make herself more presentable.

"Please sir," the blond boy said "my sister's sick."

Mikey crouched in front of her, "what's your name darling?" He asked her. Her blue eyes just seemed to stare back at him, not really listening to him almost in a trance.

"Her name is Victoria Hardy" the red headed boy said.

"What happened Victoria?" Mikey said, more urgently.

"She drank some lye," the boy answered. "Our mum was out"

Mikey's eyes widened. "Lye, oh God," he now realised what would happen to this girl after what she had done to herself. She must have been about 7 or 8 years old, surely she would've been old enough to know not to do such a thing? "Constable!"

"Is she going to die?" The little blond boy asked, tightening his grip on his sister's arm.

"Constable!" Mikey shouted louder. "Everything will be alright darling, just let me look at you."

At that moment Victoria let out one cough, which spouted blood from her cracked lips and landing next to Mikey. She made an awful gargling and then a choking sound in her throat before collapsing into Mikey's arms. He held her as her chest stopped moving but the blood continued to drip down her chin, spoiling the lovely pink dress she wore. Her head fell back as Mikey tried to keep her up with one arm. Her eyes still open gazed at nothing, they looked exactly the same as they had when she had walked in. That same dark figure watched from the corner as Victoria's sibling attempted to stop their tears and Mikey held her still body.

A/N Do you like it my friends? I think the ending to this chapter was a goodin and the next part will be very exciting indeed ;)
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