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Chapter 2- Sorry is too late

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A long wait at hospital is in store.

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Chapter 2;

I walked back to his hospital room. Scared for his response. I walked in,sighing as I did.
"Hey,you okay?" I asked. I then finally set my eyes on him. He was packing his things into bags. "Gerard?"
"What Frank?"
I looked at him pulling a very confused face. It most likely looked completely idiotic.
"What are you doing?" I asked confused.
"I am going to make a chip sandwich Frank. What do you think I'm doing?" He said annoyed. I could tell.
"Why what? Why am I leaving? Why am I going home? Why am I a bit pissed off?" He threw a t-shirt into his bag,making the bag drop out of his hand. He was bright red and picked the bag up angrily.
"Well yeah.."
"While you went of flirting I found out my test results." He said smirking.
Thank god. It was finally good news! I smiled at him.
"That's great,I'm so glad you're better!" I couldn't stop smiling.
"Ha. That's what you think? No Frank. There's a high chance of me dying. About 99% chance. Yeah,I'm going home to get some stuff. I have to stop in here,most likely die in here."
I felt terrible. I wasn't there to hold his hand when he was told. Brace him for the news. He could die for all I know and I wasn't there to wipe away his tears.
"I'm sorry Gerard. She was just a fan though and I promise it wasn't flirting!"
"You gave her your fucking number Frank. Sorry is too late." He walked out of the room,slamming the door leaving me inside. I sat down on the bed and started to cry.
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